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12 Hair and Skin Uses of Oat You Should Know

Oat is rich in fiber and protein. It is used as early as the 2000 BC by the Arabs and Egyptians to beautify the skin. It is also used by the Romans and Greeks for healing various skin challenges.

Oats can be converted to powder or boiled to extracts its benefits, and it can combine perfectly with any other skin and hair-benefitting ingredient to achieve the below benefits.

Uses of Oats

  • Oats, cooked oat, can be a great solution to acne
  • Oats can serve as a skin moisturizer. It contains beta-glucan that penetrates deep into your skin to moisturize it
  • Oats can relieve itchiness
  • Oats can lighten your skin, smooth out blotchy area, improve your skin texture and tone.
  • Oats can be used to treat chicken pox or ivy
  • Oats milk can serve as a natural cleanser
  • Oats can protect your skin from harsh chemicals and protects the skin against rashes, rosacea, eczema
  • Oats can get rid of itchiness and dryness on the hair
  • Oats can be added to the shampoo to achieve a shiny and soft hair
  • Oats can be used to remove dirt and excess sebum from the hair
  • Oats can be used in the treatment of dandruff
  • Oats can help in achieving a long, shiny hair

Side effect of Oats

  • Oat is unlikely to cause any irritation. But when it does, please avoid the use of it
  • Large ingestion of oats can cause bloating and intestinal gas
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