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How to Prevent and Get Rid of Razor Bumps

Have you ever shaved your bikini line, or your armpit, or your face, or just anywhere and you notice some bumps around those areas after some days? These are razor bumps, and in this short content, you’ll learn a little about it, how to get rid of razor bumps, and how to avoid razor bumps in the first place.

Little About Razor Bumps

Also called hair bumps, razor bumps (pseudofolliculitis barbae) are small bumps that develop a few days after shaving. Looking like pimples, these bumps can make a neatly shaved skin area to be unattractive. And over time, these bumps can leave a permanent scar.

Men are most likely to have razor bumps because they shave almost every day, and the skin on the face is more sensitive and more likely to have hair growing inward. And men with curlier hair are 50 times more likely to suffer from razor bumps than those with straight hair. (more…)

home remedies for dark circles

11 Home Remedies for Dark Circles

Do you have dark circles and tired eyes? Are your eyes puffy or saggy? These home remedies for dark circles will help eliminate your problem.

Dark circles are difficult to get rid of, and they dent our confidence and self-esteem by making us look worn out, tired, and older than we are. Hence, the essence of this guide.

Before I proceed: If you have dark circles and you smoke and drink excessively I’ll advise you slow down on those to help these home remedies for dark circles work for you.

11 Home Remedies for Dark Circles

Rose Water

Using your cotton wool, apply few drops of rose water under your eyes. Rose water will relax your eyes and send dark circles packing after a few days of using it. (more…)

orange juice - Mololo Blog

12 Skin and Hair Uses of Orange Juice You Did Not Know

What can you do with a cup of chilled orange juice? I’m sure your first pick is to down it of course. Yes, I’ll too if I have a cup in my hand right now…but I’ll make sure I leave some because my skin and hair needs it.

Orange symbolizes happiness and health. In fact, the color orange is inspiring and vibrant. Orange is an essential fruit in almost every part of the world. In some places, orange forms an integral part of their food. In as much as orange is loaded with lots of body-benefiting nutrients, it also contains some important nutrients that nourish both the hair and skin.

Orange is rich in vitamin C, A, E, K; protein, carbohydrate, niacin, folates, riboflavin, pantothenic acid; and it contains minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and dozens more important nutrients. (more…)

Long nails

4 Natural DIY To Grow Long Nails In 2 Weeks

It’s no news that longer nails are one of the most essential “must-have” for women. Longer, thicker, and beautiful nails say a lot about the kind of your person. For example, in some part of Africa, some people see long nails as part of dignity, and, of course, beauty.

Imagine having natural nails that are longer or even better than falsie. Think about loads of compliments you’ll receive both from friends and families. That’s what these 4 natural DIY nail growth hack will do for you.

4 Natural DIY To Grow Celebrity Long Nails In 2 Weeks

Olive and Lemon Remedy



Liquid African Soap

Now You Can Enjoy This Liquid African Soap for Hair and Skin

Imagine having a versatile soap that works on your skin as much as your hair. Think about the ease of use…the thousands of naira you would save…the joy it brings…and more. You’re just some minutes away from seeing the remarkable effect of liquid African soap that works for both your hair and skin.

Step By Step Instruction on Making Your Liquid African Soap

Now it’s the time to get your own natural ingredients. You can always click on each one of them to read more about the benefits, side effects, uses, and more about them. (more…)

Tips for thick hair

These 3 Tips for Thick Hair Will Add Volume to Your Hair In 2 Weeks

Have you tried so many hair growth formula and products with nothing to show for it? Are you so eager to add length and volume to your hair? Then these 3 tips for thick hair will help you immensely.

Your Hair and How It Grows

We have over 5 million hair follicles in the human body developed as early as when we were 20 weeks old in the womb. The follicle is situated in the dermis of the skin, and under the follicles are the cells that continuously divide and push old cells up the follicle to the surface of the skin, where they appear as hair shaft. Each hair shaft is made of dozens of keratinous materials bounded by an intracellular matrix. (more…)

having a beautiful skin

10 Commandments for Having Beautiful Skin

Will you like to step out and be the focus for all because of your beautiful skin? Will you love to win a lot of admiration from friends and families always praising your gorgeous, radiant skin? Then these 10 commandments to having beautiful skin are for you.

Little about your skin

The skin is made up of dead keratinous cells residing in the dermis. As you already know that the skin is made up of three parts: the epidermis (top layer), dermis (middle layer), and the subcutis (the fat layer). The dermis, being the largest part of the skin, houses the blood vessels that feed the skin with the needed nutrients. Read more about the skin structure (more…)

Face Mask For Dark Spots - Mololo Blog

These 9 DIY Face Mask For Dark Spots Will Eliminate Your Dark and Brown Spots Easily

Do you have dark spots or brown spots and have tried a lot of DIYs and even bought some expensive products from high-end stores without any positive result? These 9 DIY Face Mask for Dark Spots will help you immensely.

You may try one, two, or more of the recipes below for the best result. The key here is consistency and patience – just follow my advice and be regular with the application.

9 DIY Face Mask for Dark Spots


Procedure and Application

  • Mix the two ingredients in a clean bowl
  • Using your cotton wool, apply your mixture to your face
  • Do this at least ones a days


Coffee - Mololo Blog

12 Skin and Hair Uses of Coffee You Should Know

Of course, Coffee is jam-packed with a lot of health benefits like: it reduces the risk of diabetes; it sharpens the brain, helps shed weight, sharpens sight, anti-cancer properties, treats headaches and migraine and more. In this short read, you’ll learn the skin and hair uses of coffee.

Skin Uses of Coffee

Treats Puffy Eyes

Lack of adequate sleep, toxins, stress…all these contribute to puffy eyes and dark circles. Applying a few drops of coffee from your morning cup on the affected area can go a long way in eliminating puffy eyes and dark circles. (more…)

Fantastic Coconut Oil Face Mask for 4 Common Skin Flaws

Skin blemishes are a common occurrence on every skin. From acne, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, acne, and scars to dry skin, oily skin, aging skin and many more, it’s likely you are presently battling with one…or more…of the above skin blemishes. In this short read, you’ll see the top coconut oil face mask you can create right in your kitchen to enhance your facial look and feel.

Dry Skin

People suffering from dry skin usually have a rough, wrinkle-prone face. Their skin losses the ability to retain the needed moisture hence the “cracky’ feeling. (more…)

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