4 Natural DIY To Grow Long Nails In 2 Weeks

It’s no news that longer nails are one of the most essential “must-have” for women. Longer, thicker, and beautiful nails say a lot about the kind of your person. For example, in some part of Africa, some people see long nails as part of dignity, and, of course, beauty.

Imagine having natural nails that are longer or even better than falsie. Think about loads of compliments you’ll receive both from friends and families. That’s what these 4 natural DIY nail growth hack will do for you.

4 Natural DIY To Grow Celebrity Long Nails In 2 Weeks

Olive and Lemon Remedy



  • Add the above ingredients into a heat-resistant container
  • Double boil the ingredients so that it becomes warm


  • Using your fingers, take some contents from the mixture and put it on your nails…one at a time
  • Leave the mixture on your nails for 15 minutes before rinsing with cold water. And you may decide to leave it on for


Orange Remedy for Longer Nails


Procedure and Application

  • Take a few drops of orange juice and put them on your nails
  • Let the juice soak in for 15 minutes
  • Rinse with the warm water and apply your moisturizer (your body cream or face cream will do just fine)
  • Do this DIY every day to see the remarkable result in your nails


Coconut + Honey Combo


Procedure and Application

  • Add the above ingredients in a heat-resistant jar
  • Double boil the mixture to warm it (make sure it doesn’t get too hot)
  • Apply the mixture to your nails for 20 minutes
  • Keep the rest in your refrigerator.
  • Apply at least once a week – twice will give a faster result – for best result

Olive Oil For Long Nails


Procedure and Application

  • Mix the above two ingredients in a clean jar
  • Warm it up a little using your double boiler method or just place it in your microwave for some minutes (ensure that the mixture doesn’t get too hot)
  • Using your cotton wool, apply the mixture to each nail and cuticles and massage each for few seconds
  • Do this twice a week for the best result.

So, that’s it on the 4 DIYs to growing long nails. I hope you find this helpful. Please drop your comments below if you’ve tried any of these recipes…and, of course, your result after 2 weeks. Thanks for reading.