There are various anti-cellulite treatments to helps reduce cellulite appearance. One method that is scarcely utilized is via the use of essential oils.

Nature has blessed us with an abundance of natural healing oils for various conditions. The skin is no exception to this rule. Essential oils are great for the skin.

They help to treat acne, control excess sebum, clear stretch marks, reduce cellulite, boost skin texture, and many other wonderful uses. Concerning anti-cellulite remedies, there are quite a few essential oils that produce useful results in the reduction of cellulite.

Some wonderful essential oils that work best to reduce cellulite appearance are explained below:

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil comes from the family of the Melaleuca plant. It is used to stimulate hair follicles, combat acne, for cleaning cuts and bruises to prevent infections.

It acts on cellulite by increasing blood circulation to the areas with high fat build-up, for example, the thighs and buttocks; thereby burning off excess fatty tissues close to the surface of the skin. Tea tree oil can be used as a great anti-cellulite remedy.

Juniper Essential Oil

Juniper E.O has been known for thousands of years and used for its purifying and detoxifying benefits. Originally, it serves as a diuretic and also helps to relieve fluid retention.

Due to its ability to increase vascular circulation, it is highly recommended to use for cellulite reduction.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary E.O is also an effective stimulant, it is popularly used to stimulate hair growth, and it also helps improve lymphatic drainage, which is why it should be considered as a wonderful anti-cellulite treatment, especially when mixed with a nourishing Carrier oil.

It helps to relieve swollen legs especially for people to do jobs where they have to stand for long.

Lavender Essential Oil

This is a great stimulant as well with a calming fragrance to erase your cellulite worries! It also helps to tone the skin and to improve its appearance. It’s one favorite essential oil everyone should use in cellulite cream or oil formulations.

These essential oils should be diluted with carrier oils such as olive oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, or apricot oil. They should be used in minute quantities. Be careful not to apply to open wounds as they may sting.

Just like the many remedies you know, it is better to work with oils that work best for you. They will stimulate the fatty tissues close to the surface of the skin, improve blood circulation and enhance the smoothness of the lumpy fat tissues underneath the skin.

Using essential oil blends can improve the appearance of cellulite though it may take a more extended period. However, there a safe and naturally formulated Anti-cellulite cream, packed with hydrating and moisturizing ingredients.

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