5 Things You Need to Know about Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

Looking good is closely associated with feeling good. When you feel good, you look good. But that is not always necessarily true. Our skin has to face a lot of external elements. Pollution, dirt, and unhealthy food strip you off your natural glow.

Most of the time, we look for remedies. We search for products that will suit our skin, herbal remedies, and whatnot. But our skin may or may not cooperate with us. Often these chemicals and products backfire, and then we are left to deal with the breakouts. In such a situation, what can we do?

Home remedies are another way to deal with this problem. But that too has its limits. Moreover, there are various types of skin, and hence, not everything works on all skin types.

Science has explored the world of cosmetics too. And that is a piece of good news because that solves our skin issues. Cosmetic surgeries are very popular these days. One such new star in the field is facial rejuvenation. It is a procedure that involves a series of cosmetic treatments. It ensures to bring back your youthful appearance. Your face will once again look young and beautiful; fresh and blushful.


The procedure can either be surgical or non-surgical. Depending on the condition of your skin, the process can vary.

The surgical procedure can help you to improve the symmetry of your face. On the other hand, the non-surgical procedure can fix other problems like wrinkles, scars, and pigmentations.

Unlike the non-surgical procedure, the surgical procedure can be a little invasive. The latter can help you change your other facial features. The surgery can give you a brow lift, eye lift, chin lift, and neck lift. In the case of non-surgical facial rejuvenation, the process includes chemical peels, lasers, photorejuvenation, and things like botox treatment.

The procedures are advanced and effective. And being surgical and scientific, they are effective and lasting. The changes in your face will be quite permanent and will require only some touch-ups.

Now that we know what all facial rejuvenation can do for us; let us dive a little deeper. Here is a list of 5 things that you need to know about facial rejuvenation surgery:

1.   Face-lift:

Face-lift is possibly the most common and sought-after facial rejuvenation procedure. It has gained tremendous popularity in many countries. The procedure assists lift and tighten the saggy skin.

It can replenish the skin on your face and neck. It is a surgery done in the operating room. All the while, the patient is under general anesthesia.

During the procedure, the surgeon makes small incisions. The process is quite simple. The surgeon makes tiny cuts to lift and pull back the loose skin. The scars are minimal. With the help of this procedure, the surgeon lifts the loose facial skin by removing the excess skin before they stitch the incisions. The surgeon can use this procedure to fix an array of problems like:

  • Loose neck skin.
    • The saggy cheeks.
    • Jowls on the jawline.
    • Double chin.

2.   Recovery and the post-op:

There is a misconception about the surgery. People are often worried about the post-op phase and recovery.

Generally, it takes only 10 to 14 days for most people. The patient can expect a little soreness and swelling. But these are temporary; it is a part of the healing of the incisions.

There is a detailed postsurgical care instruction that you have to follow for a speedy recovery. Facelift in Atlanta, GA can be a safe option among other US states as they have a high number of practising professionals that expertise in painless treatment.

3.   Why should you choose facelift?

Participants of facelift procedures are increasing with each passing day. Most of them are women, who are seeking to have a younger look. The before and after pictures of the patients are commendable and more attractive.

The success rate of these procedures alone has managed to attract most of the patients. The patients, after the procedure, leave the hospital happily with younger and healthier faces.


4.   What are the risk factors?

Now that we know the benefits, let’s see if it is worth it. What are the risks involved; how safe it is after all?

The fact that the procedure is done under general anesthesia is a risk in itself. It is risky for patients who are dealing with diabetes and obesity.

Some patients have clotting issues and heavy bleeding tendencies. Patients who take prescribed anti-clotting pills are often advised against the surgery. In some cases, the surgeon can decide to do the surgery after administering local anesthesia, to avoid the risks involved in general anesthesia.

5.   The result:

It is quite natural to be worried about the results. After all, it is your face that is going under the knife.

The patients have a lot of anticipations and hopes from this procedure. But if the surgeon is experienced and renowned then there is not much to worry. A competent surgeon will give you a natural-looking face after the surgery. You will not have to worry about a stretched skin, scars, and so on.


Facial rejuvenation is sought after. It is the world of feminism and body positivity. Therefore, your face and body belong to you and your wishes. But to give your new face a flawlessly natural look, you need to find a skilled surgeon.

In that case, your face will just appear naturally beautiful and no one will be able to tell the difference. But how do you find a skilled surgeon?

For that, you have to do some research work. Go through the track record of the surgeon; review the before-and-after photos of previous patients; get a good idea about the quality of the procedure.

If you see that most of the patients have been happy with the results even after years of the surgery, then you have found the right surgeon.