These 6 Steps Will Help You Avoid Acne Outbreak

Are you battling acne outbreak almost every time and you’ll like to eliminate the problem? Are you tired of hiding your acne-prone face and skin under makeup and clothing? This guide will open your eyes to so many things you need to know.

Little About Acne

What is acne? It is a skin condition that affects the oil glands. Our pores (the tiny opening on your skin) links up with your oil gland. The gland secretes sebum – the oil that carries dead keratin cells to the skin’s surface. The pores connect to the oil gland via the follicle – a funnel-like tube that houses the hair on your skin too.

When the follicle blocks, pimples form. And for acne, it forms when your pimples get infested by the P.acne bacteria, leading to more swelling, redness, inflammation, and more.

It’s no news that a lot of people battle acne and acne is no respect for environmental condition, ethnic background, skin color,location, and more. Studies show that about 31% of American teens and 25% of adults are battling one acne problem or the other. In fact, most studies conclude that only a handful number of people are lucky to escape from the dangerous grip of acne.

Acne, for most people, starts from the teenage years up to well over 50 years. Hence, a lot of people are always on the lookout for remedies.

Unfortunately, babies aren’t exempted from acne too. Acne affects about 20% of newborns, More than 85% of people battling acne are between the ages of 13 to 24 years. A study even said that over 90% of adolescents have acne problems.

Acne affects the face 99% of the time. Other areas prone to acne are arms, butts, neck, chest, and back. Some people can have mild acne problems while others go through hell trying to get rid of their massive acne problems. For some, they battle acne when they are in their teenage age bracket while acne continues throughout the life – till adulthood – in others.

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So What Causes Your Acne Outbreak?

Your Makeup

Oil-based makeups are usually made with comedogenic oils (see the listed topics above). The oil will cause more breakout. SO if you observe your acne outbreak is on the high side, it’s time to switch your makeup.


Some medications used to lower depression can aggravate your acne challenges. Other are epilepsy treatment, and if you halt your birth control pills, your acne might come back in loads.

Hormonal Change

Girls have an increase in the androgen hormones, which makes the sebum gland (the oil gland) to enlarge. When that happens, there is a higher probability that the sebum gets trapped in a blocked follicle, leading to pimples and then acne.

Monthly Cycle, Pregnancy, and Menopause

These cause a change in your hormone, increasing your acne outbreak.

Daily Habits

Rubbing your face excessively, not changing your pillowcase, picking of acne swellings, and scrubbing of the face excessively further increase acne outbreak.


Does your mum or dad has acne? You’re likely to follow in their footsteps.

Note: There is no research where you’ll find a link between food and acne. So dump the myth of chocolate, groundnut, and other oily food causing acne.

Other myths are:

·         Dirt cause acne

·         Hot weather is responsible for your breakout

·         Your acne will stop when you start having children and regular sex

·         Poor hygiene causes acne

How To Avoid Acne Outbreak

Avoid Excessive Scrubbing of Your Face

No. Don’t scrub your face excessively. Don’t use strong, irritating soaps. Rather, get a mild soap and gently wash your face twice daily.

Avoid Picking

Don’t prick your acne. Doing that leaves you with scarin gand more acne problems to deal with.Instead, apply some of the acne remedies I listed in the above links

Change Your Makeup

Is your makeup causing your acne outbreak? We have a lot of brands you can experiment with. Do that, and you might just put an end to your acne for good.

Watch Your Moisturizer

Does it contain comedogenic ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter, and more? Switch it for a non-occlusive moisturizer to prevent blocking your pores.

Get Aspirin and Apple Cider Vinegar

Do you know that aspirin alone could eliminate your acne outbreak? Get some capsules, grind it, and mix with apple cider vinegar. Apply it all over your face when those pimples start showing.

Take Vitamin E Supplements

This potent antioxidant fights free radicals that are responsible for body damage, including your skin. By taking vitamin E supplements, it will maintain your connective tissue and improves the appearance of dry, rough, and damaged skin.

In Conclusion

Following these 6 steps religiously will help you put a stop to acne outbreak for good. Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask me.