5 Skin Uses of Alpha Arbutin You Should Know

Most of the skin care products that promise skin lightening or whitening effects are either loaded with harsh, body-damaging, cancer-causing ingredients. But Alpha Arbutin is a natural ingredient that will give you the result you want.

Alpha Arbutin is extracted from bearberry plant and it mainly prevents the formation of melanin. It blocks tyrosinase that is formed in the melanocyte cell so that you can have a lightening effect.

Why is Alpha Arbutin Better Than Other Skin Lightening Ingredients?

  • Alpha Arbutin is less irritating and people with sensitive skin can effectively use it without having any skin reactions
  • It can reduce the effect of skin darkening after exposing yourself to sunrays
  • Unlike Hydroquinone that works by killing melanin and pigmentation, Alpha Arbutin inhibits the enzymes that stimulate pigment-producing cells
  • It is not a carcinogenic ingredient unlike Hydroquinone
  • It is so effective that just 1% of Alpha Arbutin in your skin care ingredients works better than Kojic Accid

Alpha Arbutin Side Effects

  • Although is considered safer than HQ, it still has the possibility of breaking down to Hydroquinone while in the body because it is a glucosylated hydroquinone in nature. Research from Germany also indicated that the intestinal bacterial can easily convert Alpha Arbutin to HQ, causing intestinal cancer-related conditions.
  • Alpha Arbutin in high dose can cause skin irritation. If you notice any side effects, please discontinue the use of Alpha Arbutin and try other skin lightening ingredients like licorice, vitamin c, kojic acid, etc.