4 Skin Uses of Angelica Root Essential Oil You Should Know

The medicinal properties of Angelica Root were first determined in the 1500s for the treatment of plague.

Angelica Root Essential Oil is extracted not only from the root. In fact, the Essential oil of Angelica Root is extracted by steam distillation of virtually every part of the plant – seed, roots, and the whole of the plant.

As of today, we have the North American species and the Chinese species of Angelica Root Essential Oil.

Some of the properties of this essential oil are Trideccanolide, Terpinenol, Rio cymenol, Copaene, Sabinene, Beta pinene,  and many other properties that are anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antiseptic, etc.

Angelica Root Essential Oil doesn’t have a pleasant aroma. As such, it is highly recommended you combine it with other essential oils (bergamot oil, Cedarwood oil, berry oil, and orange oil). It has a slightly peppery and woodsy smell with a colorless to a light yellow color.

Angelica Root Essential Oil Skin Uses

  • When combined with your massage oil, Angelica Root Essential Oil will help your mind and body to relax, and it will improve your blood circulation, leading to a healthy skin color
  • When added to your bath salt or skin care product, Inhaling this fabulous Essential Oil will relieve you of your worries instantly.
  • When combined with Frankincense Essential Oil and a small amount of Jojoba oil, the mixture will treat dry skin problem and psoriasis. It will also renew your skin
  • For a calming, breathing formula for your diffuser, combine 1 drop of Angelica Root Essential Oil with two drops each of Clary Sage and Orange Essential Oil into your diffuser.

Angelica Root Essential Oil Side Effects

  • PREGNANT women and DIABETIC patient should avoid this oil
  • Do not use this Oil directly as it may burn the skin and leave some allergic reactions
  • Do not take this Oil orally. See your doctor before you do so
  • Use maximum of 20 drops for every 2 Tablespoons
  • Do not use on little children
  • The oil is highly photo-toxic. You should use only at night