10 Hair and Skin Uses of Beeswax You Should Know

Beeswax is produced by honey worker bees in the beehives. The Beeswax is used to store the bees’ honey and to safeguard their babies.

This wax has a lot of skin and hair benefits which we’ll be looking at shortly.

Uses of Beeswax

  • First of all, Beeswax is used as a thickener in most organic cosmetic products like lip balm, body butter, creams, etc.
  • Beeswax serves as an humectant (ingredient that attracts water to your skin), making your skin hydrated and supple
  • Beeswax is rich in Vitamin A, therefore it is a good skin rejuvenator
  • Beeswax, unlike petroleum-extracted ingredients, doesn’t suffocate the skin. It helps your skin retain the right moisture content, preventing flaky and dry skin.
  • Beeswax has been found to soothe itching and irritated skin
  • Beeswax can be tolerated by all skin types
  • Apart from preventing water from leaving your scalp, Beeswax can also promote your hair growth
  • Combining Beeswax with Wheat Germ Oil, Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter, and Apricot Kernel Oil can serve as a natural remedy for treating Stretch Marks
  • The medicinal property in Beeswax can combat inflammation and eczema
  • Beeswax can be used to treat Acne

Side Effects of Beeswax

  • People allergic to honey may also be allergic to Beeswax as well