10 Hair and Skin Benefits of Olive Oil You Should Know

The benefits of olive oil are numerous.

Olive oil is composed mainly of triglycerides and phosphatides, glycerol, pigments, etc. It is popularly called “liquid gold.” The oil of olive can be used for a wide variety of cosmetic preparation. Olive oil can blend with a lot of other oils.

Benefits of Olive Oil Skin

• Olive oil can improve your skin health
• Olive oil, like coconut oil, can be used to moisturize the skin
• Olive oil mixed with honey and yogurt can help to remove makeup
• Olive oil can slow down premature skin aging
• Olive oil can be used to heal cracked heels
• You can create your lip scrub with olive oil

Benefits of Olive Oil Hair

• Olive oil can make your hair healthy
• Olive oil can improve the health of your nail

Other Benefits of Olive Oil

• Olive oil controls cholesterol and relieves constipation (mix olive oil with milk in the same proportion)
• Olive oil is rich in vitamin E (antioxidant) that makes it prevents free radical damage

Side Effects of Olive Oil

• Olive oil can cause skin rash in some people
• Olive oil can aggravate acne…just like coconut oil in oily skin.

Before using olive oil, you might want to consider conducting a patch test.