Best Hair Powder You Should Try Out Today – Suitable for Dry, Oily, and Normal Hair

This hair powder is one of the best hair products you can prepare right in your kitchen. This powder will add sheen to your hair as well as increase your hair volume. Also, this organic hair powder will remove excess sebum from your scalp, while adding body to your hair.

The wonderful Essential Oil will also calm your nerves and senses, helping you enjoy every bit of the hair powder.

Give your hair the pamper and treatment it deserves today with this best hair powder.

Equipment Needed to Produce Your Hair Powder

  • Food processor or blender
  • Measuring spoons
  • A clean plastic jar

Ingredients for Producing Your Organic Powder


  • Place all your ingredient in a blender and blend till everything combine
  • Transfer your hair powder into your sterilized plastic container

Application of Your Best Hair Powder

  • Get your hair wet
  • Sprinkle between ½ to 1 Teaspoon of the powder into your hair. And massage the powder into your scalp and hair root
  • Use your brush to distribute the powder on your hair evenly
  • Pack or style as desired