11 Hair and Skin Uses of Castor Oil You Should Know

Castor oil is derived from the seed of Ricinus communis plant, which grows wild in the wastelands across tropical regions. Castor oil has high lubricating and viscosity property. Contrary to popular belief, Castor oil is not in any way related to crude oil extraction. Unlike paraffin oil, Castor oil offers a lot of benefits to the skin and hair.

Uses of Castor Oil

  • Castor oil can be used to enhance the color of your hair by carefully massaging the oil into the hair after washing it
  • Castor oil is used to grow denser scalp hair and the hair around the eyebrow
  • Adding 1 Tablespoon of beeswax with cocoa powder (for brown color) or charcoal (for black color) with 2 and a half Castor oil can be used to make your home mascara
  • Castor oil forms a perfect skin moisturizer, penetration deeper into the skin
  • Castor oil is a potent anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, perfect for treating a lot of skin challenges like stretch marks.
  • Castor oil is used to reduce pigmentation and reduce acne
  • Castor oil heals inflamed skin
  • Castor oil prevents premature graying
  • Castor oil treats scalps infections and conditions the hair
  • Castor oil fights signs of aging
  • Castor oil can be used to treat ringworms

Side Effects of Castor Oil

  • Castor oil may cause skin rashes on some people
  • Castor oil may also cause itching and hives. When you notice any of these reactions, Please apply water and Apple cider vinegar to the affected area or just wash it off with soap and water