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The Skin Layers: Parts of the Skin and Their Functions

Welcome. Here, we will take a look at the skin layers and their functions, The skin is the largest organ in the human body, which is composed of three layers: The Epidermis Layer The Dermis Layer The Subcutis (Fat) Layer 1. Epidermis Layer It is made up of close to 20 tightly packed layers of […]

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All What Eczema is – Your Quick Guide

Before we discuss what eczema is, let’s get to know what inflammation is. What is Inflammation Inflammation can be defined as the defense response of the body to various infections or harm, like injuries (the pain, swelling, the itching sensation you feel is inflammation). It can also result from bacteria, fungi, or virus attacks on […]

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Skin Bleaching: All You Need To Know

Are you considering skin bleaching? Read on. Let me start on this note: there is nothing wrong with bleaching your skin (at least that is what you want me to write so that you can go ahead, right?). After all, it is your choice, your body, your skin, and your life. And no matter what […]

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7 Pimples on Back and Shoulders Home Remedies

Looking for pimples on back and shoulders home remedies? Read on as you are about to defeat the menace called pimples. You might want to read a comprehensive report on acne and pimples we compiled before reading this one. From the previous article, acne is an inflammatory disease of the hair follicles and their associated […]

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Effect of Sun on the skin

See The Effect of Sun on The Skin

Sunlight is a blessing to humanity. It gives us warmth, provides us with Vitamin D, and above all, is the primary source of light. But you can also get some effect of sun on the skin – severe in some cases. The effect of sunlight can be evident on your body parts like the face, […]

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What You Probably Didn’t Know About Acne (Pimple)

What is Acne? Acne is a condition that affects over 95% of the people in the world (both male and female). It is normally prevalent in the ages 11 to around 50. It can affect people of all races. It can appear on the neck, shoulders, chest, back, and most commonly on the face.

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Skin Type – How To Know The Type Of Your Skin

It is essential for you to know your skin type. This is because different skin requires different products. And the knowledge of your skin will help you handle it properly, embracing the perfect food for it. Below are the four of skins and they are (Read More)

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