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cosmetic equipment | mololo cosmetics

Cosmetic Equipment: List of 24 Cosmetic Kits To Have In Your Kitchen

Preparing your choice cosmetic products is very easy and stress-free. And it will be easier when you have the right cosmetic equipment.

Nothing beats the feeling of knowing every single ingredient that goes right into your cosmetic products. You know (more…)

harmattan body butter | mololo cosmetics

Harmattan Cream: Get Your Body Moisturized with These Harmattan Body Butter

Why do you need a harmattan body butter? Well, let’s quickly look at what harmattan is.

Harmattan is a season in the West African Subcontinent, which normally occurs between the middle of November to around February the following year. It is always accompanied by severe cold, Dusty, and dry wind, leaving the skin dry and dull.

During this period, the use of a lotion may not properly moisturize your skin. That’s why your skin is always left with (more…)

Facts About The Sun |

Sunlight And Your Skin – Facts About The Sun You Need To Know

Sunlight is a blessing to humanity. It gives us warmth, provide us with Vitamin D, and above all, it is the primary source of light.

But over the years, research has found that the sunlight is responsible for a lot of bad than good when trying to ensure a healthy, good-looking skin. The effect of sunlight can be evident on your body part… (more…)

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