10 Skin and Hair Uses of Cedarwood Essential Oil You Should Know

Cedarwood Essential Oil, loaded with fungicidal, sedative, insecticidal, expectorant, emmenagogue, diuretic, astringent, tonic, antispasmodic, antiseptic, and antiseborrheic properties, is extracted by steam distillation of the wood pieces or needles of the Cedarwood tree (usually found in cold climates and on high altitudes). It is loaded with a lot of medicinal, skin, and hair-enhancing benefits. The ancient Egyptians make use of Cedarwood Essential Oil for embalming practices.

Cedarwood has four major species: Texas Cedarwood (Juniperus Mexicana), Virginia Cedarwood (Juniperus virginiana), Himalayan Cedarwood with oils from the needles or wood (Cedrus deodara), and Atlas Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica). While the scent of the four species may be similar, each has different benefits and composition.

The pure form of Cedarwood Essential Oil contains vitamins A, B, C, E, and F. It has a delightful, woody, balsamic aroma.

Skin Uses of Cedarwood Essential Oil

  • Cedarwood Essential Oil teats eczema by regulating the secretion of sebum, reduces skin peeling and treats the associated inflammation – usually redness. The antimicrobial and antifungal properties of this oil make it a suitable remedy for ketoconazole.
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil treats acne by unclogging the pores and the antimicrobial property acts on the acne-causing bacteria (P.acne). Just combine few drops of this essential oil with your lotion or soap.
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil has an excellent insect repellant ability, repelling bugs and mosquitos. To make it more potent, add eucalyptus and lemon to Cedarwood oil then add the mixture to your cream or lotion.
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil helps you get a decent, uninterrupted night sleep while calming your mind and easing your tension. Just inhale a few drops of Cedarwood oil on a washcloth anytime you want to clear your mind and have a sound sleep
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil treats skin damage and minor wounds. Just add few drops of the oil to your coconut oil and apply it on the affected area
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil leaves you feeling rejuvenated and firmer by tightening your muscle when combined with your massage oil.
  • Do you have a fungal infection? Cedarwood Essential Oil may just be your answer.
  • Make a delightful body deodorant with few drops of Cedarwood Essential Oil and coconut oil

Hair Uses of Cedarwood Essential Oil

  • Cedarwood Essential Oil promotes blood circulation to your scalp, and strengthens and stimulates hair follicles, thereby promoting hair growth. You may simply add it to your shampoo or massage few drops into your scalp for two to five minutes.
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil reduces scalp dryness and itching that you may be facing. Combine this essential oil in your hot oil treatment or, just as I earlier mentioned, rub few drops into your scalp. The result is mind-blowing.

Precautions of Cedarwood Essential Oil

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mums should stay clear of this oil
  • Dilute Cedarwood Essential Oil with any carrier oil to avoid burning your skin
  • Avoid the eye, ear, and nose area
  • It is highly recommended that you conduct a patch test before using any product formulated with Cedarwood Oil
  • Avoid ingesting this oil
  • Keep off the reach of kids and pets. To use on your kid’s skin, use only 3% concentration

Side Effect of Cedarwood Essential Oil

  • Like other essential oils, Cedarwood Essential Oil may leave some skin with some allergies and discomfort. If you notice bumps, swellings, redness, etc., please consider other alternatives like cypress oil, sandalwood oil, or frankincense oil