18 Hair and Skin Uses of Dead Sea Salt You Should Know

Dead Sea Salt contains a lot of skin and hair enhancing minerals like zinc, potassium, sodium, iodine, bromide, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, and other rich minerals.

Although Dead Sea Salt is bitter and not advisable to be used orally, it’s topical use comes with loads of hair and skin benefits.

Dead Sea Salt Uses

  • Dead Sea Salt will add brightness and strength to your soft, brittle, and yellow nail. Just soak you’re your nail in a solution of lemon juice, jojoba oil, and this salt. Scrub after 5 minutes and voila! Your nail is alive!
  • Just like baking soda, Dead Sea Salt can brighten and whiten your teeth. Form a paste with Dead Sea Salt and baking soda. And use it to brush your teeth once or twice a week
  • Dead Sea Salt mixed with Shea butter will treat your stretch marks
  • Dead Sea Salt will exfoliate and prevent ingrown hairs
  • Do you have itchy skin? Get a soothing feeling with Dead Sea Salt
  • Dead Sea Salt will reduce puffy eyes and skin (be careful not to get this salt into your eyes)
  • Dead Sea Salt can add wavy texture to your hair
  • Shrink your pores by using Dead Sea Salt as your tone. Add 2 tsp in 250ml water, pour into a spray bottle and use as an astringent
  • Dead Sea Salt will break down the fat causing cellulite by just soaking yourself in a bathtub with Dead Sea Salt
  • Dead Sea Salt is Rich in hair growth minerals
  • Bad breath cannot survive where Dead Sea Salt is
  • Dead Sea Salt will treat your eczema
  • The anti-inflammatory property of Dead Sea Salt will calm your allergies
  • Dead Sea Salt can reduce aging signs (wrinkles and fine lines) by up to 40%
  • Form a paste with Dead Sea Salt, honey, and oat flour. Massage your scalp for 5 minutes with the mixture and wash off with your regular shampoo
  • Dead Sea Salt will help to heal your acne
  • Dead Sea salt, when combined with honey, orange peel, and coconut oil, will exfoliate your skin
  • Dead Sea Salt will prevent hair thinning and baldness, adding shine to your hair

Dead Sea Salt Side Effects

  • Apart from the fact that Dead Sea Salt is extremely bitter, this salt can also sting like crazy on some people’s skin. It may also leave other people with some allergies like itching, redness, etc.