Eczema Cure: Simple DIY for Eczema Treatment

What is eczema? Why does it show up on your skin? What are the causes? What is the best eczema treatment? These and many other questions are what you might have asked or been asking yourself anytime you have eczema.

In the previous article I wrote on dermatitis (eczema, you’ll be able to find most of the answers to your questions on eczema.

In this short read, you’ll see how to produce a simple recipe for Eczema treatment right in your kitchen. This treatment for Eczema will also help soothe the itchy skin, skin irritation, and other inflammations that usually accompany eczema.

Tools You Will Need For This Eczema Treatment

  • Double boiler
  • Two bowls
  • Your hand mixer
  • Measuring spoons and cups

Ingredients for Your Eczema Treatment

Procedure for Making Your Treatment of Eczema

  1. Using a double boiler, melt your Shea Butter and coconut oil until the Shea Butter fully melted
  2. Add your honey to the mixture and wait till the whole mixture becomes liquid
  3. Bring the liquid mixture from the double boiler and place it in your fridge for 5 minutes or wait for the liquid to become semi-solid
  4. Go ahead and give it a very good stir with your hand blender until you achieve that fluffy consistency
  5. You may put it back into the fridge for another 5 minutes or just go ahead and add your Essential oils
  6. Go ahead and give it a last stir before storing in a sterilized jar

Application of This DIY eczema Treatment

  • Rub little of this Butter on the affected area every morning and night
  • This Butter can also make a great moisturizer if you’ve a dry skin

Note, eczema might occur as a result of your cosmetic products (contact dermatitis). So, if you develop dermatitis after using a cosmetic product, you should stop the use immediately. Also, a patch test wouldn’t hurt. Carry out a patch test of your Essential oils before adding them to your skincare products.