There would not be any girl in the world who is not obsessed with her hair. Shiny glossy hair is everyone’s dream, and we all last for it. It is an admitted fact that chics spend the most on her hair care, and the market has ample of products regarding hair care. Either it is a nourishing shampoo, hair extension, or condition, we all spend a lot of them.

However, one haircare trend which is part of every chic’s list is the hair sprays. An easy way to shine up and set the hairdo, there are numerous hairsprays in the market. However, a piece of advice for new cosmetic brands launching hairspray is to work on the packaging. An appealing hair spray packaging can manage to get the buyer’s attention for you, and Dawn Printing can help you with some fantastic packaging design. 

Now, let us get a reality check, buying tons of hair care products each time… Not possible, so what to do? I have some homemade masks for the glossy hair and scalp nourishment. Moreover, these masks are pretty simple and pocket-friendly. Since hair is like plants, they demand care and pampering to get the bounce and volume. So, let us start my super simple hair masks with ingredients readily available in your kitchen. 

Super Strengthening Egg Hair Mask

Eggs are the powerhouse of vitamin A, B, D, iron, and protein; besides, this superfood is the best source of protein. Vitamin A, D stops hair loss, protein is good for roots and hair growth, while potassium cures dry and damaged hair.

Ingredients you need

  • One egg
  • A cup of milk
  • Two spoons of olive oil
  • Fresh lemon juice 


  • Place egg white and yolk in two different bowls, use egg yolks for dry hair, whites for oily hair, and full egg for normal hair. Use the portion according to your hair type.
  • Use an egg beater to beat the egg
  • Put olive oil and milk to the frothy egg
  • Put in lemon juice and beat with the egg beater. Make sure you do not add too much lemon into the mix
  • Apply on the scalp from roots to the tips, and let it sit for 15 minutes. You can also wear a shower cap to avoid the mess due to dripping
  • Rinse multiple time with cold or lukewarm water
  • Was off with a good fruity shampoo to get rid of the smell

Super Shiny Strawberry Hair Mask

Girls with dry hair, strawberry is your savior as it is rich in vitamin C, which is excellent for oily hair. They gently take away all the access oil from your hair, while leaving behind nourished hair. Besides, they regulate the PH level of your scalp, so let us start with the mask:

The ingredient you need

  • Some fresh strawberries 
  • A tablespoon of honey 
  • A tablespoon of coconut oil


  • Blend strawberries into a smooth paste
  • Mix honey and coconut oil into it
  • Apply it thoroughly into wet hair 
  • Rinse off with warm water, do not use the shampoo as well

Remember! It is all about how much time you let the mask work on your scalp. So, girls, the ball is in your court now, what do you want? The natural nourishing DIY hair mask or the harsh chemical shampoos?