DIY Homemade Conditioner Treatment You Should Try Today

Are you looking for a Best conditioner for damaged hair? Do you want to pamper your hair with a simple, chemical-free homemade hair conditioning treatment? Then this good deep conditioner recipe will make your hair more resilient and less prone to breakage.

This conditioner is also good for all hair types: natural hair, dry hair, oily hair, etc. Conditioning your hair with this homemade conditioner once a week will help your hair retain the needed moisture.

This conditioner is different from the protein hair treatment, a recipe for those with hair lacking protein. If your hair breaks immediately you pull it without return to its original form, then your hair is already loaded with protein. So, you need the moisture-retaining conditioner below.

Equipment for Producing Your Homemade Conditioner

  • Bowls
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Electric Blender

Ingredients for Your DIY Moisturizing Conditioning Treatment


  • Get all your ingredients into your electric blender and blend till you achieve a smooth consistency

Application of Your DIY Best Conditioner

  • Section your hair into 4 or 6 and apply the conditioner into your hair end down to the scalp
  • Also, massage your scalp for 1 or 2 minutes
  • Wear your rubber cap. This will apply a natural heat without the need of a dryer
  • Leave the Homemade Conditioner on your head for 30 to 45 minutes
  • Wash the conditioner with cold water
  • Dry and style as usual

Note: The Homemade Conditioner should come after you have shampooed your hair. You may want to try this once a week for maximum result