DIY Protein Treatment For Hair

Protein treatment for hair is necessary for everyone that will like to grow a thick, long hair. The hair is made of hard Keratin cells, a source of a protein essential for hair growth.

Apart from the protein that we consume from food, protein therapy for hair will strengthen the hair, make it shiner, and smoother by filling the open gaps in the Hair cuticle of the hair shaft.

Best protein treatment for hair will also enhance the resilience of the hair against the damages caused by regular styling. The hair treatment will also restore the hair’s amino acid.

Equipment to Produce Protein Hair Treatment at Home

  • Bowls
  • Whisker
  • Measuring spoons

Ingredient to Produce Your Protein Hair Treatment


  • Break your two eggs into a bowl and whisk very well
  • And your olive oil and milk and stir very well
  • Add your honey and stir properly

Application of Your Protein Hair Treatment for Natural Hair

  • Section your hair into 4
  • Then apply the mixture on each section of the hair…paying close attention to your hair end

*Note: Do not do the protein hair treatment often. Only do this when your hair needs a protein treatment…say once a month.

Also, make sure you give your hair some hot oil treatment to increase your hair length.