3 Hair and Skin Uses of Emulsifying Wax (EWax) You Should Know

When it comes to producing creams and lotions, Emulsifying Wax is considered to be an integral ingredient. Emulsifying Wax is extracted from ester and fatty acids from plant oils.

Emulsifying wax, at room temperature, is solid with a slight waxy smell. It is often marketed as small tablets or small pellets, having a white or transparent color.

Emulsifying Wax causes water and oil to form and bind into an emulsion, hence the name Emulsifying Wax was formed.

Uses of Emulsifying Wax

  • Emulsifying Wax blend water and oil into a usable consistency, forming body lotions, facial creams, and other skin care products
  • Emulsifying Wax is used in the production of cosmetic products like lipsticks, mascaras, toners, liquid foundation, concealers, and other makeup products
  • Emulsifying Wax is used to produce hair creams, pomades, and other hair care products

Side Effects of Emulsifying Wax

  • Although Emulsifying Wax is considered to be nontoxic, nonirritating ingredients even for people with sensitive skin, it might still leave some allergic reaction on some people’s skin. If you notice any allergic reaction from the use of Emulsifying Wax, please see your dermatologist.