15 Eucalyptus Essential Oil Skin and Hair Uses You Should Know

It’s no news that Eucalyptus Essential Oil can have incredible benefits for the skin, hair, and the overall well-being of any individual. Eucalyptus Essential Oil is a potent expectorant, insecticidal, antispasmodic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, antibacterial, and analgesic.

You probably may not know all the skin and hair benefits of this essential oil. So, in this short content, I’ll walk you through the main skin and hair uses of Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

Little About Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Obtained from dried leaves of the eucalyptus tree, this amazing oil – extracted by steam distillation of the dried leaves – is colorless with a strong woody, sweet scent.

Over 95% Eucalyptus oil comes from China while the rest comes from Australia, India, South Africa, and other part of Europe.

Now, let’s delve into the skin and hair benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Skin Benefits

  • Supple Skin – Eucalyptus Essential Oil mixed with any potent carrier oil like almond oil or coconut oil will make the skin supple and soft.
  • Treats The Skin – Eucalyptus Essential Oil treats blisters, bruises, wounds, burns, cuts. The healing property of this oil is second to none.
  • and Treat Measles – By adding Eucalyptus Essential Oil in your bath tub…or diffusing it…or spraying the oil in your home, you can avoid the occurrence of measles…and also treat measles by adding Eucalyptus Essential Oil to any carrier oil
  • Aromatherapy –Inhaling Eucalyptus Essential Oil will help calm your mind and help you relax. Just add few drops in your handkerchief or diffuse it or add it to your hot bath.
  • Treats Shingles – The anti-inflammatory and antiviral property of this oil helps ease the pain caused by the rash. Just add few drops to your hot bath.
  • Relaxes Sore Muscle – Do you have sore muscles? Simple add few drops to any carrier oil and rub the mixture with a gentle rubbing motion into the affected area.
  • Treat Cold Sore – By combining 1 drop of Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil to 4 drops of Coconut Oil or Olive oil, you’ll be able to kill the virus causing a cold So, next time you start feeling burning, tingling sensation in your mouth, just do this diy, and you’re good to good.
  • Fights Bad Breath – Do you have bad breath? Add 1 drop Eucalyptus Essential Oil and 1 drop Peppermint Oil to your toothpaste and mouthwash before use.
  • Natural Sunscreen – Eucalyptus Essential Oil has an SPF 3. When combined with olive oil with SPF 8, you can enjoy more extended shield from the harmful sun rays.
  • Fights Skin Fungus – Ringworm, athlete’s foot, jock itch, thrush, and more. Eucalyptus Essential Oil is a natural anti-fungal, treating fungal on superficial onychomycosis and toenails
  • Eliminates Acne and Scars – A potent antibacterial engineered to destroy the p.acne (bacteria-causing acne). Add 1 drop eucalyptus oil with 5 drops of apple cider vinegar. Apply to your cysts and boils. Leave overnight and watch the cyst melt away.

You can also add few drops to your face moisturizer. To remove acne scars, use few drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil to apple cider vinegar. Apply to the affected area. The scars will fade off gradually.


Eucalyptus Essential Oil Hair Benefits

  • Head Lice – Eucalyptus Essential Oil is an excellent oil for the hair. It moisturizes and cleanses the scalp, promoting hair growth. And, the natural pesticide in the oil makes it a potent lice remedy. Add few drops (1ml) to your sulfate-free hair shampoo (10 – 15 ml). 

Shampoo your hair and cover it with your cap for up to 10 minutes. Remove the cap, rinse the shampoo, and towel-dry it.

  • Enhance the Hair– When used in hot oil treatment, Eucalyptus Essential Oil will add volume to your hair, increase hair thickness, improves shine, reduce greasy scalp, and generally enhance the hair health.

Just add 1 ml Eucalyptus Essential Oil to 10 ml Castor oil (you may increase the ingredients based on your hair volume). Section your hair and add the mixture to each section. Leave the mixture on for at least 15 minutes (you can also leave on overnight). Then, wash your hair with a good shampoo, then condition and style it.

  • Treats Itchy Scalp – Do you experience itchy scalp? What you probably need is a good hair rinse with Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Combine 200 ml water with 1 ml Eucalyptus Essential Oil and 10 ml apple cider vinegar (you might need more if your hair volume is massive). Rinse your hair several times with it. Shampoo and condition your hair afterward. You’ll notice an instant relief.
  • Hair Growth – Eucalyptus Essential Oil promotes blood vessel cleansing and constriction. This improves the blood flow to the hair follicles, which speed up hair growth. Add few drops to castor oil or coconut oil and apply to your scalp.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Side Effects and Precautions

  • Allergic Reaction – Although powerful, some people may develop some allergic reaction to Eucalyptus oil. Itching, burning sensation, redness are some example of allergic reaction to Eucalyptus Essential Oil. (If you notice any of these, please stop the usage of this oil with its products.
  • Pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, and people with sensitive skins should stay clear of products with Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • Avoid the eye and nose area as much as possible to avoid irritation
  • Do not use internally.
  • Ensure you conduct a patch test to be sure you don’t react to the use of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Thanks for reading this content. I hope you gained one or two uses of Eucalyptus Essential Oil uses. If you have any questions, please reach us via the contact us on the right side of your screen. Also, check out other ingredients similar to this oil on our Know Your Ingredients Section.