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7 Hair and Skin Uses of Eyin Aro You Should Know

Eyin Aro is extracted from the bile production of Black Soap and it is loaded with lots of skin-healing properties.

Eyin Aro is majorly added to the African Black Soap during production. It can also be used ordinary on the skin *although not advisable because it tends to irritate the skin when applied topically.

Below are some of the uses of Eyin Aro

Eyin Aro Uses

  • Eyin Aro will eliminate any signs or appearance of eczema
  • Eyin Aro is used to treat pimples
  • Eyin Aro is loaded with antimicrobial properties which makes it a potent ingredient for treating various skin challenges
  • Eyin Aro is an important ingredient in the production of Black Soap
  • Eyin Aro will add glow to your skin and fade off signs of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Eyin Aro will treat u your rashes and other skin problems
  • Applying Eyin Aro to your African black soap will fight dandruff

Eyin Aro Side Effects

There are lots of adulterated Eyin Aro in the market now. So you’ll need to negotiate with the people that specialize in selling bulk black soap and other recipes. Eyin Aro may leave some itchy and painful reaction to your skin, especially when you apply it on problematic areas.


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