Why Spend Thousand on a Face Cleaner When You Can Make One Under 10 Minutes?

Yes. You need a face cleaner. Apart from removing grim from your face, you need to remove the makeup and excess oils that litters your face.

Of course, you already know makeups nowadays are getting tougher to remove by the day, but that doesn’t mean you should take solace from alcohol and other skin-drying ingredient.

Why You Should Make Your Face Cleaner

Simple. Most over-the-counter face cleaner are loaded with skin-drying ingredients like alcohol (ethanol), Isopropanol, and other dangerous ingredients.

If you’ve been reading my articles, you know by now that I detest these ingredients. Reason: they rob you of your sebum – the skin’s special oil that moisturizes your skin, making it smooth and supple – and dry out your skin.

That’s the essence of this short diy on face cleanser.

By the end of this short read, you’ll be able to produce your facial cleanser right in your kitchen…at your own leisure time…and with 100% skin friendly, natural ingredients.

So, let’s get started.

Ingredients for Producing Your Face Cleanser

Procedure for Mixing Your Face Cleanser

  • Add all the above ingredients, except water, into your clean bottle
  • Then, gradually add your water into the mixture (This is to prevent the castile soap from giving out too many bubbles).
  • Close the container with the foam dispenser lid and give it a thorough shake

Application of Your Face Cleanser

  • Before applying your Natural Face Toner, take one or two pumps of your homemade facial cleanser into cotton And clean your face in a circular, upward motion.


  • If you react to any of the essential oils…or the carrier oils…you can easily replace them with substitutes (check my know your ingredients section for the list of other oils).

Thanks for reading about my recommended face cleaner. I hope you find it helpful. Do check back for other interesting diys.