Top 12 Foods for Glowing Skin You Should Start Eating

Yes, you crave for the healthy looking skin. That shinning, radiant skin that instantly becomes the envy of your friends. Of course, that is easier said than achieved (I have to be honest with you). To accomplish this dream skin, you need to start eating these foods for glowing skin I discuss in this short article.

Why Doesn’t Everything Have To Be Cream?

Of course, you spend a lot of money on a well-formulated cream. Yes, it contains some natural ingredients that moisturize, make your skin supple, and add life to your dull skin. Or maybe they also hide your aging lines.

I’m not disputing that. But, many of us can’t afford these creams. To burst your bubble, most of these creams are formulated with hydroquinone and other dangerous chemicals that are expertly concealed in the ingredient list (that’s because cream manufacturers now know you are aware of hydroquinone side effects). See Hydroquinone Alternative Names

Apart from the vast number of creams that contains dangerous chemicals, the environmental effects don’t help either. Sunlight, pollution, dust, and many more join forces to reduce the impact of even the most effective cream.

So what is the best way to compliment your moisturizer? How best can you enhance your skin’s appearance from the inside? Read on as I walk you through some easy to find, cheap, and highly nutritious food you should start eating from today.

12 Foods for Glowing Skin



Carrot is rich in beta-carotene (a form of vitamin A). Carrot is good for brightening the skin, clearing breakout, and reduce overproduction of skin cells that tend to block pores. Best of all, carrot helps prevent melanoma (skin cancer) while promoting healthy, young-looking skin.


But I eat tomatoes, you say. I know you do. But I want you to know some benefits of eating more of it.

Tomato contains Lycopene (a phytochemical that boosts collagen production in the dermis of your skin). It fights off free radicals that make you age quickly while shielding you from the harmful effect of sunlight.

So next time you step to the market, buy a lot of tomatoes. Munch on them as much as you can. Nothing do you!

Sweet Potato

I just love sweet potatos. I do virtually everything with it – fry, boil, roast, and so on. So I limp for joy when I read its health benefits and that it is a vital foods for glowing skin. Irish potato contains carotenoids (a compound that improves your skin glow). So, common! Get some Irish potatoes.


Both contain chymopapain (an enzyme that relieves skin inflammation). Plus, Papaya/Pawpaw contains papain that treats enzyme, unclog pores, and strengthen your skin by increasing collagen production.



I’m sure you’ve heard people recommend eating an egg a day. Yes, they are right. And why should you follow the advice? Egg yolk is rich in B vitamin (Biotin) that shields the skin from dryness, rashes, and acne while strengthening your nails and improving your hair growth.



I’m sure you’re no stranger to avocado oil, right? Why not enjoy the fleshy fruit as well. Avocado prevents skin dryness, slowing down aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles. Avocado also shields your skin from UVA and UVB (sunrays responsible for skin cancer and sunburn respectively).

Green Tea

No. It’s not only for those that are overweight. Green tea is for everyone. Green tea contains catechins (a potent antioxidant with anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties). Drinking 2 cups of green tea daily shields your skin from sun damage while preventing free radicals. Remember, not more than 2 cups a day, or you’ll damage your skin.

Coconut Oil and Water

Our foods for glowing skin won’t be complete without adding coconut oil and water. To start with, coconut water contains electrolytes and potassium that replenish dehydrated skin, making it suppler and smoother. Then, using the oil for your culinary purpose adds its antimicrobial, vitamins, and minerals that improve your health and skin glow.


Oats brightens your skin. It contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that kill gut bacteria. Best of all, it strengthens your skin by improving collagen production so that you won’t age quickly.


Who doesn’t love chocolates? Chocolate contains flavanols (an antioxidant that protects your skin from the harmful sun rays). Eating regular chocolate bars will fortify your skin, improving your skin resistance and texture, and the glow.

Soy Beans

You’ve probably drunk soya milk. This milk has its core ingredient as soybeans. Soybeans contain aglycone (isoflavone), which improves skin firmness and reduce aging signs.


Oranges contain vitamin C. As you may already know, vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that sends free radicals packing. Plus, it brightens and lightens the skin. Why deprive yourself of this readily available fruit? Go get some now!

Final Note on Foods for Glowing Skin

Now you see that these food are stuff you can get easily. And the cost is relatively low compared to the junks you buy. So next time you go shopping, ensure you add these foods for glowing skin to your list.