13 Hair and Skin Uses of French Green Clay (Illite Clay)You Should Know

Also known as sea clay or illite clay, this French Green Clay is mined from quarries that can be thousands of feet deep in the United States, China, and France.

This light clay is rich in copper, zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium, aluminum, silica, and other hair and skin enhancing properties. The green color of this clay is attributed to the excessive amounts of decomposed plant matter that has gone through the cycles of nature and the iron oxide.

11 French Green Clay Skin Uses

  • Do you have blemishes on your skin? Form a paste with French Green Clay and Lemon juice and apply it on the affected area for 5 minutes. Rinse it with tepid water and apply your moisturizer
  • French Green Clay will shrink your pores and help you achieve a firm skin
  • The French Green Clay is filled with a lot of skin-enhancing minerals that will make your skin healthy
  • French Green Clay will remove Oil and dirt when used to wash your face
  • French Green Clay will absorb excess oil from the skin, leaving the skin soft and clean. Form a paste with rose water and this clay
  • French Green Clay will ease irritating skin and bring instant soothing effect to psoriasis, rashes, and eczema
  • When used as toothpaste, French Green Clay will give you a clean, bright teeth
  • Do you have a rough skin or you wish to have a glowing skin? French Green Clay will exfoliate your skin, giving you the instant glow you want
  • French Green Clay, like Bentonite Clay, can be used to soak up the sweat on the armpit and to neutralize bad odor. In order word, it can be used as a powder deodorant
  • French Green Clay will detoxify your skin when used as a body bath
  • French Green Clay will remove dirt, bacteria, dead keratin from your pores, preventing acne and other skin problems

2 French Green Clay Hair Uses

  • French Green Clay can be used as your dry shampoo to remove excess oil from the hair
  • French Green Clay will also remove dandruff and dead cell from your hair

French Green Clay Side Effects and Precaution

  • French Green Clay may leave your skin with dry, flaky feeling. So, it is recommended to those with oily and normal skin.
  • Patches or skin rashes may also surface. If you experience any of these side effects, Please desist from using French Green Clay