Stronger and Healthy Hair: Hair Care Routine To Help Your Hair Growth

Your hair is made up of keratin and minerals. That single hair strand you see is made up of many keratinous cells woven together and held by a tight bond to form the hair. The hair has different growth phase (see hair growth phase) and a strand can last for between 2 to 5 years. A very good hair care routine can help you manage your hair irrespective of the type you have.

These hair care tips will help your hair growth, reducing your hair loss. These hair care tips will also help you to manage your dandruff, eczema, and other hair problems.

Hair Care Routine for a Fabulous Hair

  1. Sulfate Free Shampoo: Whatever your choice of shampoo is, whether homemade shampoo or over the counter shampoo, you should be smart to choose a sulfate free shampoo. Avoid the urge to shampoo your hair every day – whether sulfate laden or sulfate free shampoo. At most, shampoo your hair twice or three times a week.

A good shampoo will make your hair soft, clean, and shiny. Apply your shampoo on a wet hair, massage your scalp for few minutes before rinsing with water.

  1. Condition: Always use a good conditioner after applying your shampoo. A great hair conditioner will help your hair seal moisture, replenish the lost oil, and also add shine to your hair. The hair conditioner will also smooth out the cuticle.

Apply your conditioner to the wet hair, paying close attention to the ends. Leave for 3 minutes before rinsing with water. By that, the conditioner will have more time to penetrate.

  1. Rinse: Using a hair rinse is one of the best hair growth tips you can come across. A hair rinse will balance the Ph of your scalp and hair, add shine to your hair, and control excess oil production.

Sprint your hair rinse on your hair, leave for 10 minutes, and wash off with your sulfate free shampoo.

Your Every Week Hair Care Routine

  1. Massage Warm Oil: Once in a week, massage your hair root and scalp with warm jojoba oil or coconut oil. Leave it on till the next morning before shampooing
  2. Massage Scalp: Your hair care routine is incomplete if you don’t massage your scalp every week. When you massage your scalp, you allow blood to flow to it, feeding the scalp with hair growth nutrients
  3. Hair Mask: This is one of the best hair care tips for your hair. A good hair mask will nourish and condition your hair, repairing damaged hair due to sun or sea exposure, heat, and harsh chemicals. Hair mask will also repair your keratin by feeding it with the right protein.

Whatever your choice hair mask is – over the counter or diy – you should leave the mask on for 10 minutes to allow the nutrients to soak in before washing off with warm water.

Recommended Oils and IngredientFor Your Hair Growth and Hair Care

Eat Right To Grow a Healthy, Long Hair

  • Take more vegetables and fruits. We have cheaper green vegetables in the market. Vegetables are loaded with a lot of vitamins and minerals
  • Load your food with proteins from oily fish, beans, etc
  • Drink at least 8 cups of water a day
  • Consume essential fats found in milk, kidney, and much more
  • Choose food rich in natural fibers like oats and seeds
  • Take mineral supplements – silica, iron, and zinc

Avoid These In Your Hair Care Routine

  • Frequent conditioning and shampooing
  • Not trimming your hair
  • Using harsh chemicals like sulfate shampoo
  • Using heated tools like hair dryer, hot combs
  • Using synthetic hair dyes
  • Combing your hair when it is wet