Some Factors That Affect Your Hair Growth Part 3

By now, you should know the stages of your hair growth and reduce your panic whenever you see some hair strands on the comb.

Sometimes, we notice that more hair loss than the normal 1%. Just like I explained in the previous article, if you notice more than 100 strands of hair loss in a day, then you can now be worried.

In this short read, you’ll get to know some actions that are damaging, detrimental to your hair root, causing more hair loss than the normal 100 hair strands loss.

But before that, let’s quickly have a look at the composition of a single hair shaft.

Composition of a Single Hair Shaft

  • Medulla – Its presence or absence in the hair determines the color of your hair.
  • Cortex – The cortex is the largest layer of the hair shaft made up of hair cells that are constantly moving from the hair follicle base vertically to the epidermis.Component of a hair shaft | Mololo cosmetics
  • Curticle – This is the hair security, protecting it from foreign agents like pollution, environmental conditions, sun light rays, etc.

 Sometimes, incorrect treatment, excessive heat, dyes can damage the hair curticle, making the hair to lose its sheen and uniformity that can lead to the hair splitting.

Factors That Affect Your Hair Growth

  • Heat – High temperature from hair dryer, straightener, direct heat can damage your hair root, which will, in turn, affect your hair growth
  • Hair Loss and Male Pattern Baldness – Male pattern baldness account for over 90% of hair loss in women. Apart from that, direct fire burn from an accident, exposure to toxic substances, dietary deficiencies (lack of iron and vitamins) can also affect your hair growth.
  • Some Topical Products – Some products can damage your hair follicle, rendering your quest for your hair growth futile. On the other hand, some products claim to repair your damaged hair root. You should be very careful with these products as some of them can rarely penetrate into the epidermis, not to talk of getting to the root in the dermis.
  • Pressure on the scalp – When you apply pressure on a part of the scalp that now affects the blood vessel supplying nutrients to the follicles in that area, then there will be hair loss in that area. For instance, babies who usually lie on their back normally have the back of their head bald.
  • Stretching or pulling the hair – Cutting the hair cannot affect the growth of your hair. But vigorous brushing, clipping the hair, over massaging and rubbing the scalp when washing the hair, applying pressure to the hair by vigorously drying the hair with a towel, and other pressure can make your hair shed more readily.

 You can catch some other tips on the maintenance of your hair today.