Harmattan Cream: Get Your Body Moisturized with These Harmattan Body Butter

Why do you need a harmattan body butter? Well, let’s quickly look at what harmattan is.

Harmattan is a season in the West African Subcontinent, which normally occurs between the middle of November to around February the following year. It is always accompanied by severe cold, Dusty, and dry wind, leaving the skin dry and dull.

During this period, the use of a lotion may not properly moisturize your skin. That’s why your skin is always left with white traces and cracks sometimes.

Most times, people resolve into using petroleum jelly products, popularly called Vaseline in Nigeria. But the use of petroleum jelly and other crude extracts on the skin usually clog the pores. Of course, they leave your skin shining, eliminating and preventing any white, dry traces on your skin.

But with this recipe, you’ll be able to moisturize your skin, nourish your skin, and also look good during the harmattan Nigeria and other West African countries.

Your Simple DIY Harmattan Chocolate Body Butter (For dark skin people)

What You’ll Need For This Harmattan Body Butter

  • Hand mixer
  • Your measuring spoons
  • 2-3 bowls
  • Double Boiler (one pot and a bowl is ok for this)



  • Measure your Cocoa Butter or Shea butter, coconut oil in a bowl and melt it using double boiling method
  • Once the butter dissolves, put it in your fridge so that it can quickly become “almost solid” If you’re impatient like I am, you can place the mixture in your freezer for between 2 to 5 minutes
  • To make you achieve that “whip” consistency, you need to use your hand mixer to mix the almost solid blend that you place in your fridge
  • Mix thoroughly till you achieve that butter consistency.
  • Stir in your vitamin E and Cocoa powder and essential oil(s) and continue stirring
  • If you want more butter consistency, you might place the whipped mixture in the fridge and repeat the above process again
  • Finally, transfer into your container and use up during the Harmattan period
  • You can also use this during the raining and dry season (but I recommend it for those with dry skin)

Harmattan Body Butter For Light Skinned People

You too can make do with the above recipe. But it may cause leave you with a little bit of dark skin. So, you can add the following to your melted butter and oil

  • Alpha Arbutin serum
  • ½ teaspoon of niacinamide (vitamin B3)
  • Remove the Cocoa powder

What This Harmattan Body Butter Will Do For Your Body

  • It will moisturize your skin, leaving it supple and shinning
  • Eliminate every traces of Harmattan marks and dryness from your skin
  • This recipe will fade off stretch marks and scars
  • It will glow your skin