2 Amazing Methods To Make Your Own Herbal Oil Infusion

Do you have some dried plants you’ll like to infuse in your chosen carrier oil but you don’t know how? Are you interested in saving a lot of money doing your own herbal oil infusion with your choice plant and at your best time? Then this Herbal Oil Infusion DIY is for you.

Herbal Oil Infusion – Save A lot of Money

An avid reader of my blog sent me a request to create this content. And I thought “why not!” The reason is that this content will save you a lot of money.

Think about it, some essential oils cost hundreds of dollars to get just 10 ml quantity. But with the Herbal Oil Infusion, all you need is to lay your hands on the plant or flower, get your chosen carrier oil, and infuse the plant.

At the end, you’ll get an oil that carries the same property as the essential oil, plus it will be skin friendlier.

You can use your herbal infused oil to make a whole lot of things: cream, soap, scrub, etc.

Choose Your Herbs and Oils

Of course, you don’t have to infuse because you have a plant readily available…you infuse because you want to achieve a goal. Not all plants work best on hair, and not all plants are awesome for the skin.

Are you using your oil for healing, as an anti-dandruff, as an aromatic addition, and more? Then you can decide which plant to use in your infusion. Check my Know your ingredients section or check the end of the article for some plant suggestions you can use for your infusion.

Also, I prefer using dried plants or flower. You can always get them online.

As for the best oils for infusion, I prefer coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and sweet almond oil. These oils won’t go rancid quickly, and they are loaded with a lot of skin and hair enhancing properties.


Herbal Oil Infusion – The Cold Method

Well, I don’t use this method because I’m not a patient person when it comes to DIY. I like something I can prepare and see the product now, not having to wait for a few weeks.

This method, as some people claims, helps retain all the properties of your carrier oil and the plant or flower you’re infusing. But it comes with a price – you’ll have to wait for between 5 to 7 weeks.

So, if you’re in no hurry to use your oil, you can proceed with this method.

Equipment for Cold Method

  • Glass Jar/ plastic container
  • Knife (optional)
  • Sieve

Ingredients for Cold Method

  • Carrier oil
  • Dry or fresh flower or plant

Procedure for Your Cold Oil Infusion

  • Transfer your dry or fresh plant into your clean jar
  • Pour your carrier oil (coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, or sweet almond oil) into the jar to cover the plant
  • Shake very well. And ensure the oil covers the plant
  • Take your jar to a corner away from light (I prefer a dark area)
  • Every day, give it a slight shake
  • After 5 to 7 weeks, sieve out the plant or flower and transfer your oil back to your jar
  • Enjoy your new infused oil

Advantages of this method

  • You tend to keep all the nutrients and properties of the plant and oil
  • The process saves you a lot of time and money


Disadvantages of this method

  • It quickly gets rancid. So, I’ll advise you make a little batch
  • It takes a long time to achieve your goal – between 5 to 7 weeks.


Herbal Oil Infusion – The Hot Method

Yes, my favorite method. Are you scared of losing some of the properties? Don’t be. We’re going to make use of the double boiler method, which is the safest. Although it may prolong the time of infusion, just take it as the price we have to pay to keep our herbal oil infusion potent.

Equipment for this Herbal Oil Infusion

  • Double boiler (a source of heat, then a pot of water on the heat, then your bowl in it)
  • A clean jar
  • Knife (optional)
  • Sieve


  • Your choice carrier oil
  • Choice plant



  • Set up your double boiler
  • Place your plant in a jar. Fill it up with your oil
  • Stir the jar by giving it a gentle shake. This will help the oil to cover the herbs and prevent it giving some bubbles
  • Now heat for between 4 to 8 hours.
  • Give your infusion some shake during the infusion process
  • After the infusion, turn off the source of heat. Allow the infusion to cool down
  • Sieve out the plant or flower.
  • Transfer your oil into a clean jar
  • Store your oil away from light and heat (a cool, dark place is better)


Advantages of the Hot Herbal Oil Infusion

  • This oil takes 8 hours maximum to be done
  • It can last for up to 1 year if you store in a cool, dark place

Disadvantage of the Hot Oil Infusion

  • Some properties may be lost
  • You tend to spend a lot of money with your heating source

How to Use Your Herbal Oil Infusion

Now you have your infused oil ready, the following are the ways you can put it to a good use:

  • Add it to your homemade body wash
  • You can use it for your DIY lip balm
  • You can use alone as your moisturizer
  • Use it as your baby oil or massage oil
  • Add some tablespoons to a warm bath for a fantastic aroma and a refreshing, glowing skin


Don’t Know The Best Plant or Flower for The Skin?


  • Lightens, brightens the skin
  • Heals the skin of blemishes
  • Rejuvenates the skin


  • Fights free radicals responsible for aging
  • Controls excess oil on acne skin
  • Regenerates the skin cells


  • Cures acne and pimples
  • Soothes and calms infected, itchy skin

Aloe Vera

  • Hydrates and moisturize the skin
  • Serves as an anti-inflammation
  • Helps with skin cell turnover


  • Soothes inflamed, irritated skin (eczema, dermatitis, rashes, etc.)
  • Helps you relax with its aroma



  • Fights expression lines
  • Treats chapped lips
  • Helps wound heal faster
  • Plump up and hydrate the skin
  • Prevent inflammation


  • Clears acne than store-bought products
  • Clears skin blemishes because it is loaded with anti-bacterial


  • Improve collagen production that fades aging signs
  • Protects the skin from external damage like pollution, chemicals, and the sun
  • Improves the skin’s elasticity


  • Protect the skin from harmful sun rays
  • Fights aging
  • Fights rashes and acne


  • Fights acne and cleanse the skin
  • Reduce rosacea and skin redness
  • Protect the skin from the harmful sun rays

Witch Hazel

  • Reduce under bags (puffy eyes) and circles
  • Reduce excess oil on your skin
  • A great makeup remover


Don’t Know The Best Plant or Flower for Your Hair?

Aloe Vera

  • Enhance the blood circulation on the scalp, which improves your hair growth
  • Balance your scalp’s pH, which eliminates dandruff and other fungi attack on the scalp


  • Improves blood circulation to your scalp
  • Strengthens your hair and improves hair growth


  • Improves blood circulation to your scalp
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Prevent hair greying
  • Fights dandruff


  • Improves blood circulation to the scalp
  • Increase hair growth


  • Combats brittle and dryness of the hair


The End

So, that’s it on the Two Herbal Oil Infusion methods. I hope you find it helpful. So, try to infuse your oil and send a picture of it to me at info@mololo.org. I’ll be waiting for it.