Here Are The Five Common Causes of Eyelash Loss

Long, full, and thick lashes are luxuries every woman wants to have. Today, beautiful lashes are considered necessary to look beautiful and more attractive. We have a lot of eyelash growth products dominating magazines and TVs.

Suffering from lash loss can be very demoralizing. Although natural loss may occur when new lash hair replaces the old one, massive lash breakage is not normal and may be due to one or more reasons. The cause of lash shedding may be complicated and requires a physician or dermatologist to diagnose and remedy the situation.

5 Causes of Eyelash Loss

Trichotillomania or TTM

This is a common cause of lash loss. It is an impulse disorder that makes people to compulsorily pluck out their lashes or pull them out of the eyelids. While pulling out the lashes, you may uproot them from the root, which may permanently damage the lash root and follicles.

When this occurs, you may be unable to grow new lashes on those spots except you employ a top eyelash serum with the right ingredients.

Other treatment options for this condition are behavioral support therapy and some prescription medication to repair damaged lash follicles and root.

Thyroid Condition

This can also affect hair loss and hair growth, including your lashes. Hair loss can emanate when you have a low functioning thyroid. The moment you are diagnosed with low functioning thyroid, and the right treatment administered, you will begin to see improvement almost immediately.


One of the less common causes of lash breakage is Alopecia. This occurs when the human immune system begins to see the hair follicles as enemies and attacks them. This condition is most common on the scalp.

However, this condition can also spread to other regions of the body, including the face region (affecting your lashes and brows).

Unfortunately, a physician can always try. But as at the compilation of this article, the condition is generally incurable.

Ciliary Madarosis

Another common cause of lash loss. This is the medical term for the loss of lashes. This condition is caused by blepharitis, and it may lead to burning and tingling sensations, sensitivity to light, swelling of the eyes, and others. A physician can treat ciliary Madarosis.

Habits and Harsh Cosmetic Products

If you are a fan of rubbing your eyes excessively, the chances are that you’ll soon experience a massive lash clear-out.

Why is this so? When you rub your eyes, you place a lot of pressure on your lash root, leading to lash breakage. Plus, you may also affect the health of your eyes.

Along the line, you might have used a lot of dangerous lash products in the form of dangerous eyelash serum-containing paraben, prostaglandin, phthalate, formalin, and artificial color; waterproof mascaras, and more.

All these products contain a high level of lash-drying ingredients that choke your lashes, making them brittle and fall out.

Not only do these habits and products make you lose your lashes, but they also make you feel uncomfortable with their resulting side effects like redness, itching, burning sensation, and more.

The “Habits and Harsh Cosmetic Products” cause takes the lion’s share out of the five reasons for eyelash loss in this article. Fortunately, you can give your lashes the best treat by using the best eyelash growth serum formulated with myristoyl pentapeptide 17, myristoyl hexapeptide 16, biotin, and other incredible ingredients.


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