DIY Homemade Hair growth Hack You Should Try Today

Are you looking for a homemade hair growth hack that will give life to your hair? Then this “make hair grow” recipe will help you to grow long hair fast.

This recipe is better than most hair growth hacks out there because it is natural, and can be produced within seconds.

Equipment for Your Homemade Hair Growth Hack

  • Bowls
  • Measuring spoons
  • Whisker

Ingredients for Producing Your Hair Growth Recipe


  • Break the egg into the bowl and whisk
  • Add the remaining ingredients and mix very well


  • Section your hair into 4
  • Add the mixture to your scalp
  • Cover your hair with a cap for 5 hours or leave on until the following morning
  • Shampoo and rinse with your ready-made hair rinse
  • Rinse and style as usual

Note: You may want to try this once in two weeks.