How to groom and fill in your eyebrows right away like a pro

It’s heating up all across the United States, and there isn’t even a single sign of relief this season. And as the temperature in summer starts to rise, leaving home with minimum and light makeup is what we can diligently start maximizing on.

So all you would need is a pop gloss on your lips, a little touch of mascara on your lashes, and a dab of sunscreen moisturizer all over, and you’re all set to run out into the world.

But if you really don’t want to go for this basic touch-up, then what about going back to your basics? And stick to the only beauty hack, i.e. grooming and filling up only your eyebrows before you head out?

Let’s get real! Your eyebrows play a very important role in shaping your whole face. Whether you pluck them into shape or you let them grow really wild, those tiny shaped arches determine your entire makeup look. But eyebrow grooming and filling is not as simple as it looks.

Let’s find out how exactly you can get perfectly groomed eyebrows every single time:

Align your brows with your face shape

When it comes to perfectly groomed eyebrows there are certain rules that you should be aware of, follow them correctly before you pluck away your arches perfectly:

  1. Use a brow brush first to locate the three most important points of your brows—the beginning, the end, and the arch of your eyebrows. Hold thebrow brushin a vertical direction against the central point of your nose that meets with your forehead and the other side on top of your nostril. This will give you the starting point.

    1. Then place the brow brush from the end of your brows to the tip of your nose and angle it straight across your pupil. That’s where your natural arch lies.

    1. Finally, place the brow brush against the end of your eye and its other end on your nose. If the sharp or tail end of your brow hits the place where the pencil ends, then your eyebrows are of the accurate length. If your brow is too long, exceeding the brow pencil, then pluck away the extra hair to get that perfectly groomed eyebrows.

Never use a magnifying mirror

While it may seem like a very good idea, plucking or coloring your eyebrows looking at a magnifying mirror can spoil your brows.

The mirror can mislead you into thinking that you have more hair follicles and baby hair than you do, which can mislead you to over-pluck or over-color accidentally.

To avoid this, use just a basic mirror, and between every few plucks or coloring, take a step back to reassess your eyebrows to get those perfectly groomed eyebrows.

Plucking, waxing, or threading during your periods

Women are more prone and sensitive during their menstrual days of the month. That can lead to destructive trimming, plucking, or coloring of your brows.

Eyebrows are a crucial part of grooming. You should pick a day when you have an abundance of time and are fully relaxed to get those perfectly groomedeyebrows. So hold yourself until those days when your periods would be over.

Trim your brows very carefully

Trimming your eyebrows regularly will help you retain their perfect shape, but you need to be very careful while trimming.

The perfect tools are a brow brush and a straight sharp scissor. Start brushing your hair up in particular directions and each time trims away anything that stands beyond the alignment of your brows to get that perfect shape and perfectly groomed eyebrows.

You need to make sure you go slow and take small snips. Avoid the big snips at all costs.

Filling your brows

Whether you are well versed with beauty products or you are a no-makeup person, when it comes to brow coloring finding the correct product gets a little tricky.

If you are looking for natural and subtle-looking brows, try a color that’s very close to your brow hair color, and if you want a slightly heavier one you can opt for a shade darker than your brows’ natural hair tone.

For those more perfectly groomed eyebrows, you can try mixing and matching your brow products to create a 3D effect.

To elevate your brows, it’s never a bad idea to add some dimension. Whether it’s adding brow makeup or color, your brows should always be perfectly groomed and aligned with your face.

Have a query or something important to add to this? Write to us in the comments below and our expert will get in touch with you. Till then, happy browing!

Photo credit: Fashionista