Do You Know Your Cream Still Contains Hydroquinone? 27 Hydroquinone Alternative Names

Excited about buying a pocket-friendly cream, you decided to glance through the ingredient list because I told you always to do that. Your heart pounding with so much enthusiasm, you chose to pick it up, saying in your heart “I’ve found a gem…it contains no hydroquinone.”


Before you decide it doesn’t contain this controversial ingredient, you need to be 100% sure it doesn’t include the alternative names I shared in this content. If it does, you’re not picking up a bargain, but a product that will harm your skin and later make you suffer a whole lot.

As you already know that a lot of people are avoiding hydroquinone like a plaque, because of its harsh reaction on the skin. Some people, after using hydroquinone infused cream no matter the quantity, develop acne, rash, and other irritating breakouts.

If you are one of these people, the last thing you want is to be fooled with hydroquinone alternative names.

Outside the Alternative Names, Here are Some Signs That Your Cream Contains Hydroquinone

  • If the cream on your cover turns dark brown or dark in color after some days
  • If you have skin redness, rashes, or acne
  • If the manufacturer puts a warning that reads cream may change color, but this doesn’t affect its efficacy in any way.

Some, Here Are Some Hydroquinone Alternative Names

  • Hydroxyphenol
  • 1,4 – Benzenediol
  • 1,4 – Dihydroxybenzene
  • P – Dihydroxybenzene
  • Quinol
  • P – Benzediol
  • Benzoquinol
  • 1,4 – Hydroxybenzene
  • P – Hydroquinone
  • P – Dihydroxybenzene
  • 1,4 – Benzendil
  • Aida
  • Quinone
  • Elopaque
  • Eldoquin forte
  • Black and White Bleaching Cream
  • Benzene
  • Tequinol
  • NCI – C55834
  • USAF EK-356
  • UN 2662
  • Phiaquin
  • Solaquin Forte
  • Benzohydroquinone
  • Arctuvin
  • Diak 5

Now that you know the hydroquinone alternative names, you should be able to make an informed buying choice the next time you go shopping. You can bookmark this page on your phone and use it as a quick guide in trimming down your cream choice.

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