12 Hair and Skin Uses of Kaolin Clay (China Clay) You Should Know

Also known as China Clay or White Cosmetic Clay, this beautiful clay is used extensively in numerous skin and hair products such as powders, body and scrubs, natural deodorants, masks, and soaps.

White Kaolin Clay is high in aluminum oxide, silicon oxide, kaolinite, and other skin and hair enhancing properties. It is pure white in color with a neutral smell.

8 White Kaolin Clay Skin Uses

  • White Kaolin Clay can be used as a powder deodorant to soak up oils and sweat and to eliminate body odor
  • Looking for a great alternative to sugar and salt for exfoliating your skin? Try White Kaolin Clay. It will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth
  • White Kaolin Clay makes a great acne treatment by combining 1 Tablespoon of Kaolin clay with 6 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil and 2 Tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Apply it to the affected area for 10 minutes before rinsing off with tepid water
  • White Kaolin Clay is good on sensitive skins without leaving the skin with redness, rashes, and breakout
  • White Kaolin Clay can be combined with oatmeal and Lavender infused of to cleanse the skin
  • White Kaolin Clay will detoxify the skin by sacking out germs, pollution, grime, and dirt from the pores
  • The natural absorbing property of White Kaolin Clay makes it a perfect choice for those with oily skin
  • White Kaolin Clay can heal some swellings and heal soreness

4 White Kaolin Clay Hair Uses

  • White Kaolin Clay serves as a perfect hair cleanser (hair shampoo) for those with dry hair and scalp. Combine White Kaolin Clay with Apple cider vinegar and Lavender oil
  • White Kaolin Clay increases the elasticity and strength of the hair
  • White Kaolin Clay absorbs toxins that may increase the aging hair process
  • White Kaolin Clay can be used as hair mask

White Kaolin Clay Skin and Hair Side Effects

  • White Kaolin Clay is remarkably safe during pregnancy. But, it might still cause low birth weight.
  • There is little or no side effect of White Kaolin Clay because it is not well absorbed into the body systems