7 Hair and Skin Uses of Lanolin You Should Know

Lanolin is a natural Oil secreted by the sebaceous glands of sheep. It is used in a concentration of 2 to 20% in skin and hair care products.

Lanolin is a thick, waxy Oil that is used in cosmetic industry as well as other industries. Just like our sebum, Lanolin is similar to our natural oil.

Lanolin Skin Uses

  • Lanolin is used to make lip balms, creams, shaving lotions, body lotions to enhance their viscosity, and also acts as a mild emulsifier
  • Lanolin prevents water loss from the skin, preventing dry skin and making the skin supple. It can be mixed with glycerin or other Humectants to further increase the water content of the skin
  • Lanolin can be used to moisturized the lips and prevent lips chapping
  • Lanolin can be applied to the nipples to prevent chapping
  • Lanolin is used to soothe abrasions, minor burns, and rashes

Lanolin Hair Uses

  • Lanolin helps you to easily manage your thick hair, making it soft. Massage some Lanolin into your hair and see the instant result
  • Lanolin is used as dry-hair treatment, moisturizing both your hair and scalp

Lanolin Side Effects

  • Lanolin is extracted from the sebaceous gland of animals. So, if you hate using any ingredients extracted from animals, you may want to check your ingredient label carefully or use other alternatives like butter or natural oils
  • Impure Lanolin can leave your skin with some allergic reactions like rashes, itching, redness, etc. So, try to buy the pure form
  • Lanolin can weigh down straight hair. Use only when you have a curly hair