12 Hair and Skin Uses of Lime Juice You Should Know

Lime Juice is Rich in citric acid with a lot of skin and hair benefits. Its cleansing properties also make it instrumental as a skin and hair care ingredient.

Like Juice is also high in Vitamins C, A, B vitamins, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, and other ingredients in a lesser amount.

Uses of Lime Juice

  • Taking Lime Juice will help you shed some fat and you’ll lose weight generally
  • Lime Juice helps to detoxify your stomach, flushing harmful chemicals and toxins from your body
  • Forming a paste with Lime Juice and Fuller’s Earth will help you achieve a glowing, radiating skin
  • Lime Juice will combat hair oiliness and greasiness
  • Mixing coconut oil with Lime Juice will treat your dandruff problem
  • Lime Juice will get rid of free radicals
  • Lime Juice will tone your skin
  • Lime Juice will kill acne-causing bacteria, combating your pimples and acne problems
  • Lime Juice will get rid of excessive oil secretions
  • Lime Juice mixed with Honey and Brown Sugar will exfoliate your skin, revealing the inner, glowing skin
  • Lime Juice will keep your skin hydrated and nourished, reducing aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines
  • Lime Water will combat untimely graying of the hair, also add smoothness and shine to the hair

Side Effects of Lime Water

  • Lime Juice can lead some burning and itching feeling on some skin. If you’re allergic to citric acid, it is likely that you’ll be allergic to Lime Water as well. Always conduct a patch test if you have a sensitive skin.