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Liquid African Soap

Now You Can Enjoy This Liquid African Soap for Hair and Skin

Imagine having a versatile soap that works on your skin as much as your hair. Think about the ease of use…the thousands of naira you would save…the joy it brings…and more. You’re just some minutes away from seeing the remarkable effect of liquid African soap that works for both your hair and skin.

Step By Step Instruction on Making Your Liquid African Soap

Now it’s the time to get your own natural ingredients. You can always click on each one of them to read more about the benefits, side effects, uses, and more about them.

Instruments to Prepare Your Liquid African Soap

  • Heat resistant jar
  • Kettle
  • Funnel
  • Sieve
  • Storage bottles
  • Pot
  • A source of heat
  • Knife or grater

Ingredients for Making Your Liquid Black Soap

Procedure for Making Your Organic Soap

  • Ensure that your whole instruments are sparkling clean to prevent bacterial and other microbes infestation
  • Get your African Black Soap. Using your knife or grater, slice it into chunks such that a chunk is smaller than your thumbnail
  • Transfer your chunked African Soap into a heat-resistant container
  • Boil your water to boiling point and pour on your chunked black soap
  • Close the lid and give it a good, long shake
  • Leave it for 1 to 2 days…till you notice that the chunks are almost dissolved (or dissolve)
  • Using your sieve, separate the undissolved African Soap from the liquid soap
  • Discard the undissolved and get your liquid back into the jar
  • Add the rest of the above ingredients one at a time
  • On your double boiler, place your jar with the ingredients into it. Stir carefully until the butter and oils dissolve fully
  • After that, pour the black soap into your available storage container(s) and it’s ready for your hair and skin.


Delay adding your essential oils till after your soap drops down to at least 45 degree Celsius. By that, you won’t lose the power of your oils.

Also, this is an excellent black soap for acne and other skin challenges like dry skin, dull skin, rashes, and more. And by adding the precious oils and essential oils, your dandruff, dry scalp, and hair loss problem will immediately be a thing of the past.

So that’s it guys. Do you find this article helpful? Please drop your message below. Thanks for reading!


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