Makeup Longevity: The Secrets to Long-Wearing, Flawless Foundation

Makeup Fact #1: No matter how high-quality your makeup is, you need the right technique to ensure longevity and nice appearance.

Makeup Fact #2: Your foundation needs to be flawless for your entire makeup look to come together beautifully. Mess up your foundation, and everything else will soon fall apart.

Makeup Fact #3: Foundation is a crucial component to the longevity of a makeup look.

Always remember these three facts, especially these days when makeup enthusiasts on social media platforms are introducing alternative step-by-step guides for makeup application and doing away with foundation.

And speaking of foundation, this is a step in the makeup application process that you truly need to polish. After all, it is the base of the look. Most people, quite often, just slap it on and spread with a damp makeup sponge and think the work is done. But, if you want your foundation to look even and skin-like throughout the day, it’s imperative to use the best techniques for an even spread and makeup durability.

How to Make Your Foundation Last

Provided below are the best pro makeup artist tips for a long-wearing, gorgeous-looking foundation.

1. Prep your skin.

Prepping the skin is not just a matter of using a primer. Truth be told, a lot of veteran makeup artists do not even see the need for a primer. For them, it’s better just to implement your usual skincare routine and let all the products dry completely before applying the foundation.

But, if you like using a primer, go ahead and do so. There’s nothing wrong with this product, and it can even provide you with additional hydration and radiance. When using a primer, however, let it dry as well before dotting your face with the foundation.

2. Dot, stipple, and dab, dab, dab.

When applying your foundation, dot the product all over your face first. Afterward, use a misted stippling brush to spread the foundation across your face evenly. And finally, with a slightly damp makeup sponge use a light tapping motion

This 3-step application process can create the most even and skin-like finish for your base. Not only that, it lowers the likelihood of caking as the hours pass.

3. Apply your concealer.

Once you have blended your foundation and made it look like your skin but better, apply concealer under the eyes and dark spots on your face. Do not be too quick to blend the concealer with a brush and sponge, though. Let the product rest for a minute or two (that is if the concealer is not a quick-set formula).

After the short waiting time, take your brush or sponge to blend. For under the eyes, it’s best to start at the outer edges where there’s less intense darkness. Then, work the sponge very lightly inwards to ensure a concentration of colour where you need the most coverage. Use the same light tapping motion using your clean finger for the blemishes you’re covering with concealer.

4. Apply a darker foundation where you would normally contour.

Instead of relying too much on contouring products, use a darker foundation on the parts of your face where you would normally contour. This will create a more natural-looking base and restore dimension to your face.

Don’t use too much. Instead, apply just a few dots and blend ever so carefully and lightly with a fluffy tulip brush to maintain most of the opacity of the product.

5. Use your concealer to highlight the high points or bring forward the parts of your face that you want to pop.

With a small dense, flat brush apply concealer on the high points of your face, as well as those parts that you want to create the illusion of a protrusion or height such as your Cupid’s bow, the base of your septum, nose bridge, chin, and the brow bone.

Similar to the dark foundation technique, this makeup tactic will enhance the hollows and high points of your face and make certain features stand out. Blend with a light hand using your ring finger or a tulip brush for a flawless and skin-like finish.

6. Brush bronzer all over the face.

Again, with a light hand, apply bronzer to regain a healthy glow for your skin. Use a big and fluffy brush for this for a quicker and more even distribution of the product.

Avoid the instinct to go ham on this. A small amount will do because you really just want to restore that glow from within.

7. Set everything with a finishing powder.

An important tip when using a finishing powder to set the foundation – invest in a high-quality finishing or setting powder. You want it to be so finely milled or micronized. Such powder will not look cakey.

Use setting powder sparingly all over your face. But, perhaps, layer it more on areas of the face where makeup breaks down more easily, such as the T-zone if you have oily skin.

Voila! Great-Looking Foundation

There’s nothing too complex about the tips shared above, proving that the best makeup techniques are often the simplest ones that are focused on the fundamentals. You will find this to be true even in a professional makeup artist course for creating avant-garde makeup looks.

Author Bio

Toni Malt is the Middle East’s leading international editorial makeup artist and the woman behind the highly anticipated Toni Malt Makeup Academy in the heart of Dubai, now training the next generation of key makeup artists. From minimalistic looks to freestyle artistic creations, Toni’s creative work has been published in top international fashion magazines around the world, including VOGUE, ELLE, L’Officiel, Marie Claire, Harper’s BAZAAR, Grazia and Cosmopolitan.