12 Skin and Hair Uses of Mayonnaise You Should Know

Like a shining piece of jewelry, your skin and hair are designed to add luster to your appearance. You look great when you take good care of your hair and skin. And one of the ingredients, which fortunately we have readily available around us, to make your hair and skin come to life is Mayonnaise.

Invented by French chef Duke de Richelieu in 1756, mayonnaise contains vinegar, liquid whole egg, water, canola oil, spices, sugar, liquid yolk, salt, calcium disodium EDTA, and concentrated lemon juice.

Although the regular consumption of mayonnaise isn’t ideal for your health, its topical application is good for the health of your nails, hair, and skin.

Mayonnaise contains Vitamin A, D, C, E, K, B3, B6, B12, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Omega-6 Fatty Acids, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Copper, Manganese, and other vital skin and hair enhancing nutrients. So, you see that mayonnaise is a must-have for you.

Now, let’s take a look at why you should start using mayonnaise on your hair and skin

Skin Uses of Mayonnaise

Eliminates Dead Cell

Mayonnaise makes your skin soft and glows by removing the dead, old skin cells, revealing the beautiful underlying new skin cells. You can use mayonnaise as your face mask or combine it with brown sugar and other ingredients (See DIY Cellulite Scrub).

Hydrates Skin

Mayonnaise, as explained earlier, contains oils and eggs. It helps your skin lock in moisture, making it soft and well-moisturized. Just apply some mayonnaise on your skin for ten minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water.

Reduce Inflammation

Mayonnaise brings a cooling and soothing effect to the table. It soothes skin itching, redness, and other inflammation. It also brings relief to sunburnt skin areas while relieving any discomfort you might be experiencing.

Softens The Knees and Elbows

Rough patches on the skin usually appear on the knees, heels, and elbows. Splatter some mayonnaise on these stubborn areas, and they will get smooth and supple over time.

Hair Uses of Mayonnaise

Strengthens The Hair

When you continue to apply mayonnaise to your hair, it will straighten frizzy hair.

Your Conditioner

Mayonnaise contains rich oils and amino acids that enable it conditions your hair.

Eliminates Dandruff

Vinegar in mayonnaise balances your scalp’s oil production and pH level. Mayonnaise also unclogs and shrinks your scalp follicles. All these combat the appearance of dandruff.

Keeps Your Hair Calm and Smooth

Mayonnaise seals your hair cuticle and prevents atmospheric moisture from sneaking into your hair shaft. This keeps your hair smooth and calm.

Helps Manage Your Curls

Managing curls isn’t a joke. But applying mayonnaise helps treat fizz and dryness and keep your hair healthy as much as possible.

Eliminates Hair Lice

Do you have hair lice? Apply mayonnaise on your scalp and hair and cover it with your cap for 30 minutes. This will kill every hair lice you have.

Treat Dry Scalp

Mayonnaise contains all the hair nourishing ingredients you can ever think of. Applying 2 or more tablespoons of mayonnaise and massaging your scalp for some minutes will foster blood circulation to your scalp and moisturize your scalp.

Nail Uses of Mayonnaise

Strengthens Your Nail

If you have week nail cuticles, the chances are that your nails will be weak too. To strengthen both your cuticles and nails, massage some mayonnaise onto your nails. Leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water. Your cuticle and nails will be stronger and well-moisturized.

Mayonnaise Side Effects

  • Mayonnaise like other natural ingredients may irritate some skin. So, it is possible to trigger some allergies. If you experience any allergy like itching, redness, burning sensation and more, please discontinue its usage.
  • Alternatively, you might want to conduct a patch test before using mayonnaise