Now You Can Make Your Natural Face Toner Easily in Your Kitchen With These 3 Ingredients

Natural Face toner has the ability to control excessive oil on the face, shrink large pores, clear blemish, and also help eliminate acne on the face.

Why do you need to make your natural toner? Simple. Most over-the-counter facial toners from high-end stores are loaded with dangerous ingredients that cause skin irritation and are dangerous, generally, to the health. Using this toner for long can lead to more skin complications…even drying out the skin.

When To Use Natural Face Toner

The best time to apply natural face toner is after cleansing your skin. By doing so, you remove leftover cleansers on the skin. Also, using your face toner will also prepare the skin for the application of moisturizer. Any other dirt, oil, and grim left untouched by the cleanser are also eliminated.

Some toners – like the one I’m going to share with you shortly – also comes loaded with skin-enhancing minerals and vitamins, adding to the suppleness and brightness of your skin.

If you have dry skin, however, you may do away with toners as they may dry out your skin. If need be, you can apply the mixture of an equal portion of apple cider vinegar and distilled water.

Now to our natural face toner.

This toner will shrink large pores, brighten the face, eliminates scars and excess oil, helps the skin to look more radiant and supple, and overall deep cleanse the facial area.



  • In a clean jar, put all the above ingredients and shake very well until the ingredients mix properly


  • After cleansing the face, use your cotton pad to apply your diy natural face toner in an upward stroke
  • Leave it on for as long as you want – preferable overnight


  • Don’t use this toner in the afternoon because lemon juice contains citric acid – a form of alpha hydroxy acid – that will cause some skin irritation and dark spots when you expose your face to the sunlight.

That concludes the DIY for today. I hope you find the Natural Face Toner helpful. Watch out for more exciting diys. Also, check out the diy section for jaw-dropping recipes you can prepare right in your kitchen.

Thanks for reading!