25 Hair and Skin Uses of Neem Oil and Neem Leaf (Neam Powder) You Should Know

Neem plant (neem oil and neem leaf), popularly called dongoyaro in Nigeria, is loaded with a lot of medicinal properties that are used to cure various body ailments from ages past. Both the Neem leaf and the Neem oil are loaded with antihistamine, antipyretic, antifungal, antiseptic, and other rich properties.

The triterpenoid and azadirachtin properties are responsible for the medicinal and therapeutic value of the Neem oil and Neem leaf. Neem oil and neem leaf are also loaded with alkaloids, fatty acids, stigmasterol, beta-sitosterol, campesterol, etc.

Neem oil is extracted from the seed kernel, seed, cake, or the fruit.

19 Uses of Neem oil for Hair and Skin

  • The compounds present in neem oil makes it a great insect repellent like mosquitoes, bugs, cockroaches, termites, etc.
  • Neem oil will bring healing to bruises and cuts.
  • Neem oil will moisturize your scalp and make it healthy
  • Neem oil, when used as hot oil, will treat your frizzy hair and combat split ends
  • Neem oil will promote a healthy hair growth and enhance your hair texture
  • Neem oil is loaded with loads of antiseptics that will eradicate dandruff, head lice, and other hair problems
  • Neem oil will clear up your skin, remove blemish, and make it even tone
  • Neem oil will help you tighten your pores, reducing the sebum production that is responsible for oily skin
  • Neem oil can treat scabies and remove your blackheads
  • Neem oil is loaded with antifungal, treating your nail fungus, athletes foot, ringworm, etc.
  • Neem oil will leave your skin smoother, healthier, and younger when used as a toner
  • Neem oil will moisturize your skin, treating dry skin problems
  • The antibacterial property of Neem oil makes it an ideal oil for killing the acne-causing bacteria
  • Neem oil will remove scars on your skin
  • Neem oil will treat eczema and other types of dermatitis
  • Neem oil is a natural anti-inflammatory against itching, redness, and damaged skin
  • Neem oil will help you handle your psoriasis
  • Neem oil will fade off signs of aging like the fine lines and wrinkles
  • Neem oil will make your skin firmer by encouraging the production of collagen

6 Neem Leaf Hair and Skin Uses

  • Neem leaf water and honey will treat frizzy hair
  • Neem leaf water will speed up the healing of your injury
  • Using Neem water as a hair rinse will treat your hair fall, dandruff, and dry scalp problems
  • Use Neem leaf water as your toner to clear blackheads, pigmentations, scars, acne, etc.
  • Neem leaf is loaded with antibacterial that will treat your acne when used as a powder in your cosmetic products or steeped in hot water
  • Use Neem leaf water as an ingredient in your moisturizer for a glowing, supple skin

Neem Oil and Neem Leaf Side Effects

  • Although Neem plant is used for treating various allergic reactions, studies also discover that it might further complicate these ailments that it’s trying to combat