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Alum | Mololo Cosmetics

13 Hair and Skin Uses of Alum You Should Know

There are different types of alum but the one that is prevalent in our homes is the potassium alum. Alum can be used in its solid form or can be converted to powder. It perfectly dissolves in water. Alum is rich in antiseptic and antibacterial for treating a whole lot of issues. (more…)

Facts About The Sun |

Sunlight And Your Skin – Facts About The Sun You Need To Know

Sunlight is a blessing to humanity. It gives us warmth, provide us with Vitamin D, and above all, it is the primary source of light.

But over the years, research has found that the sunlight is responsible for a lot of bad than good when trying to ensure a healthy, good-looking skin. The effect of sunlight can be evident on your body part… (more…)

All about eczema | Mololo cosmetics

What You Need To Know About Eczema (Dermatitis)

Before we go into the subject of eczema, let me explain the common term – Inflammation- to you.

What is inflammation? It can simply be defined as the defense response of the body to various infection or harm, like to injuries (the pain, swelling, the itching sensation you feel is inflammation). It can also result from bacteria, fungi, or virus attack on the body. (more…)

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