19 Hair and Skin Uses of Papaya You Should Know

If you’re to select a fruit from the thousands we have in the world, you should consider Papaya. Why? It is loaded with many body-enhancing ingredients that are used to prevent diabetes and even blood pressure.

Papaya is loaded with Vitamin C (an antioxidant that helps to keep free radicals at bay), vitamin A, and minerals like magnesium, calcium, manganese, copper, potassium, iron, phosphorus, and many others.

Also, Papaya is abundant in bioflavonoids, which will protect your skin and hair from defects. It has a low content of sodium to help your skin retain the needed moisture content.

12 Papaya Skin Uses

  • Papaya Peel, when rubbed on the skin, will fight signs of aging (fine lines and wrinkles)
  • Papaya is a natural skin whitener that will lighten even stubborn areas of your skin, like the legs and arms
  • Papaya acts as a natural skin exfoliator…removing the top dull, dead skin
  • Papaya flesh and seed control acne breakout. Just blend and apply on the affected area
  • Mashed Papaya mixed with Turmeric and Honey will remove tan
  • Papaya extract will cure your psoriasis and rosacea. Apply the extract on the affected area
  • Papaya reduces under-eye circle and unripe Papaya will remove skin discoloration
  • Papaya will even your skin complexion and cure pigmentation
  • Honey mixed with Papaya will moisturize your skin, making it supple
  • Do you have a dry skin? Use Papaya in your cream
  • Papaya mixed with milk will remove your dark spots
  • Papaya can be used to treat cracked heels

7 Papaya Hair Uses

  • Apply the mixture of ripe Papaya and yogurt to your hair to make it hydrated and soft
  • The antifungal property of Papaya will keep your dandruff at bay. Apply both the mashed fruit and seed
  • Papaya will enhance your hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles
  • Papaya will help you grow a shiny, thicker hair
  • Papaya will remove dirt, chemical build up, and excess sebum from your hair
  • Applying Papaya extract on your hair can help you fight hair thinning
  • Papaya will prevent balding

Papaya Side Effects

  • Papaya may leave your skin with some rashes
  • Papaya may further aggravate the problem of dry skin you’re planning to solve

If you experience any of these side effects, Please discontinue the use of papaya.