Period Acne: 2 Methods Sarah is Always Using for Clearer Skin

Are you like Sarah with period acne? You might gain a thing or two from this testimony.

Last week I received an email from Sarah expressing her fear anytime she is about to see her red flower. It comes with tiny bumps (and sometimes with pus) on her face and private area.

According to her, period acne is a problem that has been occurring since she was 12.

It’s not even about the period acne, but the lingering problems that come with it: dark spots, rough face, and swellings on her face. While she is still fighting the aftermath of the period acne, another period comes knocking, bringing more pimples and side effects to fight.

While I couldn’t stop her period acne, I shared some DIYs with Sarah from which she picked 2. And the two really helped her manage her acne before the period and are also fading her scars.

In her follow-up email, she expressed her joy and how confident she is getting by the day.

She sent in her before and after pictures. My jaw dropped when I saw the pictures (I have no permission to share the pictures). I was blown away by the result of the 2 DIYs that worked perfectly well for her.

Then I requested, “Sarah, do you mind sharing the 2 DIYs you tried so that I can share them with my readers?” She replied enthusiastically, “why not!”

She sent in the two DIYs she tried, and they even ranked below the ones that are my top picks.

So let’s take a look at Sarah’s period acne remedies.

Sarah’s Period Acne Remedy 1

This acne treatment has been used for ages to achieve quick and flawless skin in as fast as 3 to 7 days. Get some aspirin tablets (3 or more). Crush it and make a paste with your toothpaste, lemon juice, and aspirin tablets.

Apply the mixture to your face twice daily – in the morning and night. Do this every day until you see your acne fade off. It works for Sarah…it will work for you.

Sarah Acne Before Period Remedy 2

I shared a DIY soap specifically for acne and Sarah took the most of it. She said, “Your special acne black soap worked for me. I used it to wash my face every night after my aspirin mask. I saw results in 5 days. Thanks.”

You should check out the black soap too. The good news is that the ingredients are readily available and they are pocket-friendly.

In Conclusion

I want you to take these “acne” remedies seriously. If you’re battling acne before period for ages, it’s time to try these new recipes.

I can assure you that if you follow Sarah’s lead, you’ll get her result. If you don’t see results after 14 days, maybe it’s time to visit a dermatologist.

Thank you very much Sarah for sharing your period acne DIYs with me. If these remedies work for you, please feel free to drop me a message below or via email at