Protect Your Lips From Harmattan With This DIY Shea Butter Lip Balm

Yes! Harmattan is very much here. I prefer Harmattan to the heat because I get to cover my body with a thin blanket. And I love the fact that I can easily use my rich Harmattan Cream loaded with a lot of skin-enhancing moisturizers during this period.

As you already know, one man’s food is another man’s poison. And of course, Harmattan comes with its loads of demerits, one of which is chapped lips.

I don’t know about you. But during the Harmattan period, my lips become dry like crazy. And it ends up becoming chapped and peeling. That hurts so much.

So if you’re like me, this simple DIY is for you. Together we’ll maintain our kissable, beautiful lips.

This DIY Shea Butter Lip Balm provides cover and relief from chapped, dry lips. The whole ingredients are carefully selected to form a perfect barrier from the harsh harmattan, helping your lips stay kissable and super soft.

You may also decide to make this DIY Shea butter lip balm and give to your friends and family. Trust me; they’ll love it.

Equipment For Your DIY Shea Butter Lip Balm

  • A bowl
  • A plastic storage container
  • Your Measuring spoons
  • Your stainless steel tablespoon

Ingredients for Your Harmattan Lip Balm


  • On your double boiler, melt your beeswax, shea butter, Coconut oil, and Sweet Almond oil
  • Bring the mixture down and wait till the temperature drops to 60 degrees Celsius
  • Add your Essential Oil and stir the mixture into your plastic jar
  • Leave the jar open for 2 to 4 hours or overnight
  • Cover your jar and that’s your DIY Shea Butter Lip Balm

Application of Your Organic Lip Balm

  • Using your fingertips, take a small size of the lip balm from the container and apply it to your cute lips
  • You can apply the lip balm as many times as you like
  • DIY Shea Butter Lip Balm is not dangerous to the health unlike the conventional lip balms out there
  • Use within 1 year
  • Store in a cool, dry place

You may replace the Shea butter with cocoa butter if you prefer the sweet scent of the butter. Remember to drop your feedback.

Also note, you may replace Peppermint Essential Oil with Lavender Essential Oil if you have a sensitive skin