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Cure For Stretch Marks – 9 Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

Do you have stretch marks on your body and you’ve considered removing it with a lot of over-the-counter cosmetic products…but it seems like it’s taking forever? Are you tired of seeing those ugly-looking scars on your body? Then this short article is for you.

Let’s face it, stretch marks make the skin look terrible. Although stretch marks don’t signify any serious health challenges, they can prevent you from rocking some lovely outfits to the beach and other special gatherings.stretch mark cure | Mololo cosmetics

I believe by now you already know the (causes of stretch marks) and some (prevention of Stretch marks) you can inculcate in your day-to-day living. You should know that preventing the occurrence of stretch marks is more effective than trying to eliminate them. As a matter of fact, most “portrayed stretch marks solutions” can only fade them, and not totally eliminate the scars.

Now, let’s focus on some home remedies for stretch marks…some simple process you can carry out right in your kitchen for stretch mark cure.

Cure for Stretch Marks (Home Remedies)

  • Drink Water – Drink at least 2 liters of water every day. It is not only when you feel thirsty that you should drink water. Water keeps the body hydrated, preventing a lot of problems. Water makes your skin supple and it restores elasticity back to your skin.
  • Massage with Olive Oil – Olive oil contains a lot of vitamins like A, E, D and antioxidants that can help to combat a lot of skin problems like stretch marks. You can either use it to produce a night Cream with the aid of rose water, beeswax, and Apple cider vinegar. Or you can apply it directly on the stretch marks scars.


  1. Take 2 Tablespoons of olive oil and double boil it till it becomes warm
  2. Massage the warm oil into the affected area for at least 3 minutes
  3. Do this every morning and night
  • Use Cocoa Butter – Cocoa butter is a great emollient. It can be used to fade off the ugly scars. Cocoa butter, like shea butter, will nourish your skin. You can either use your Cocoa butter to make somebody Butter or you can melt it and apply directly to the affected area twice daily.


  1. Take ½ cup of cocoa butter and double boil it with 1 Tablespoon of wheat germ oil, 2 Teaspoon of olive oil, 1 and a half Teaspoon of beeswax and 1 Teaspoon of vitamin E oil.
  2. Once everything is melted, transfer the mixture into an airtight container. Store it in the refrigerator.
  3. Massage the mixture on the affected area for at least twice a day
  • The Power of Potato Juice – Potato juice can regenerate the skin cells. It contains a lot of minerals and vitamins that can fade away your stretch marks.


  1. Go to the market and buy some potatoes
  2. Take one potato and slice it
  3. Take a potato slice and gently rub it on the affected area, making the potato juice to sink in. Rub the stretch mark area for at least 2 minutes
  4. Allow the juice to dry for 15 minutes and then rinse the area with warm water.
  • Exfoliate Your Skin With Sugar – Using sugar to remove your dead skin can help other ingredients to sink into your dermis, enhancing your skin’s elasticity. Brown sugar can be substituted for the common white sugar if you have a sensitive skin.


  1. Mix 1 Tsp of olive oil with ½ Teaspoon of lemon together with 1 Tablespoon of brown sugar
  2. Then massage the mixture, in a circular motion, on your stretch mark area for 2 minutes. Leave it on your skin for another 5 minutes
  3. Then rinse the mixture from your skin with warm water. It is best if you apply it before taking your shower
  4. Repeat this process not more than three times a week and see your stretch marks fade off
  • Apply Castor Oil with Heat – Castor oil is used for the treatment of pimples, fine lines, spots, age spots, wrinkles, and even stretch marks.


  1. Take 2 Tablespoons of Castor oil and apply the oil on the stretch marks area, in a circular motion, for at least 10 Minutes
  2. Boil some water. Dip your towel into the hot water, squeeze out excess water from the towel. Make sure the towel is not too hot such that it can burn the skin
  3. Place the hot town on the affected area for at least 30 minutes.
  4. Repeat this process for 1 month and watch your transformation.
  • Egg Whites Wonder – Egg whites contain the skin cell building agent “Amino Acid.” It also contains protein that can help in fading away your stretch marks.


  1. Buy two eggs. Then carefully separate the egg white room the yolk and place the egg whites in a bowl
  2. Make sure you rinse the stretch mark area with water. Then apply, using your brush, the egg white on the affected area and allow it to dry off completely
  3. Rinse the area with tepid water. Then apply olive oil or Castor oil on the affected area
  4. Repeat the process every day and expect positive result in two weeks
  • Lemon Juice Magic – Lemon juice is rich in citric acid and it can come handy for reducing scars and stretch marks.


  1. Slice a lemon into two. Dip your lemon in baking soda so that the powder remains on the surface of a lemon slice
  2. Then rub the stretch marks area with your lemon slice, in a circular motion, for 2 minutes and allow the mixture to soak in for 10 minutes
  3. Then rinse off with tepid water
  • Aloe Vera Magic – Aloe vera is a strong anti-inflammatory ingredient that can also be used to fade stretch marks.


  1. Rub aloe vera gel into the stretch marks area. Leave the gel for 20 minutes, then rinse off with tepid water
  2. You may also mix your aloe vera gel with lemon juice and vitamin E, adding some olive oil to nourish the skin

You see. You may even decide to add multiple ingredients from the above-mentioned cure for stretch marks. These home remedies for stretch marks will see you the stress you face from having to explain to people the cause of your stretch marks. It will also save you a lot of money and energy from the so called magic formula “stretch mark removal creams.”

Another thing. You can’t see the result if you only use these home remedies for one or two days. It takes time and commitment before you can see the back of your stretch marks.