12 Hair and Skin Uses of Rose Water (Rose Hydrosol) You Should Know

Rose water or rose hydrosol is the by-product of the rose oil extraction by distillation. Rose water has antibacterial and antiseptic that helps to combat a lot of skin and hair problems.

Rose water can best be combined with a lot of cosmetic ingredients to produce lotions, cleansers, toners, and other cosmetic products.

Uses of Rose Water

  • Rose water can make your hair lustrous and shiny
  • When mixed with Vitamin E, Rose Water can rejuvenate damaged hair
  • Rose water + Aloe Vera gel can solve frizzy and dry hair problem
  • Rose water can tone the skin and clean pores
  • Rose water can reduce acne and pimples
  • When mixed with fuller earth, rose water can control excess oil
  • Rose water can serve as a cleanser and face toner
  • Rose water can help to balance the skin’s pH
  • Rose water, rich in antibacterial, can heal wounds, cuts, and scars
  • The aroma of Rose Water can rejuvenate the mood, making you feel relaxed
  • Rose water can help to keep fine line and wrinkles at bay
  • Rose water can get rid of dandruff and can serve as hair conditioner

Side Effect of Rose Water

Some people can have some allergic reactions like rashes and some itching when some people apply rose water on the skin.

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