How Salt Lamps Can Improve Your Skin

Salt Lamps are all the rage right now and for a  good reason, they’ve been known to delivery numerous health benefits to their owners. Most owner’s report that the air in their homes becomes easier to breathe and allergic reactions subside. But what effect do salt lamps and Himalayan salt have on our skin? That’s what we hope to cover in this article, so keep reading.

Bad skin can be caused by a whole range of factors, one of which is airborne pollutants. This includes things like allergens, which may cause your skin to flare up if you are prone to allergic reactions. It also includes things like pet hair, dust, spores, bacteria, all of these are additional that can cause our skin to react negatively. So how can salt lamps help reduce these pollutants you ask?

3 Skin Benefits of Salt Lamps

Clean air leads to clean skin

Salt lamps work to cleanse the air around us, they do this through the natural properties of Himalayan salt. Salt draws water molecules in the air towards it, and these water molecules also happen to carry all these airborne pollutants with them.

As the water collects on the lamp and condenses into droplets the hot lamp causes the water to evaporate back into the air, however, the pollutants remain stuck on the lamp’s surface. So, if you leave a salt lamp on 24/7 (which is the best way to use it) it will slowly and surely cleanse the air in your room, leading to healthier skin.

Salt Lamps and acne

Salt lamps also help reduce acne. Acne is caused by bacteria residing on your skin, these bacteria are harmless in small numbers but they can multiply under the right conditions and cause acne.

You can find this bacteria in the air all around us, thus having cleaner air is essential to prevent the spread of this bacteria. What’s more is that warm and humid environments are ideal for this bacteria to proliferate and a salt lamp is perfect for reducing excess humidity.

Salt lamps draw in moisture from the air most of which evaporates back into the air, however, if there is a lot of moisture in the air, for example in coastal cities or in the kitchen or bathroom, then the excess moisture can’t be released back and instead drips down the lamp. This is known as “leaking” and many lamp owners are concerned when they first notice their lamp is leaking, but it is totally normal and in-fact good for your home as it keeps moisture level at just the right level.

Nature’s antibacterial

Salt lamps also release microscopic salt particles in the air. These salt particles come off as tiny dissolved salt ions in the water that is evaporated back into the air. Salt is nature’s antibacterial and can kill off many kinds of harmful bacteria.

So this airborne salt helps to control the bacteria on your skin and prevent it from overgrowing and causing acne.

Apart from the benefits to your skin, salt lamps are also known to improve breathing disorders, and improve low moods and anxiety, all of which can lead to a healthier skin in their own way. But to make the most of your salt lamp it has to be kept on 24/7 as all of this happens slowly over time and the salt lamp needs to be kept warm by the bulb to do its job.

We hope that this sheds some light on how salt lamps can help benefit your skin. So if you haven’t already tried a salt lamp before, you really should because there’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain!
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