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Have you ever experienced an unexpected visit of acne and pimples just the day before your favorite event? Did you ever miss your date because you didn’t get the perfect glow you wished to have the same day? Were you not confident when you had to give the presentation in the office, because you had acne all over your face? Not following a good skincare routine will lead you to even bigger problems than this.

A healthy skincare routine is very necessary. It keeps your skin in good condition and stays fresh all day. During the daytime, skin cells shed, after following the skincare tips no matter what age you are your skin will always be happy. Reduce the dark spots, treat wrinkles, prevent acne and pimples, even your skin tone to make your skin look better and you’ll feel good about yourself and have self-confidence.

So who does not want to look young forever? Healthy skin will always make your skin look youthful and will protect against environmental damage.

Let’s look upon the healthy skin care tips in your TEENS | the 20S | 30S | 40S | 50S | 60S | 70S | 80S.

Skincare routine in your TEENS

Blackheads, acne and oily skin are most experienced by newly teen boys and girls. Though you and your friends are entering puberty that brings a lot of changes in your body along with a disturbing skin routine. You can find the right skincare tips to clean your skin and also share them with your friends.

  • Acne and pimples are very common in teenagers. Do not touch the pop-ups on your skin nor pop them. They might leave a mark for very long.
  • Do not scratch your skin when it is itchy. Instead, use some ointment to avoid itchiness.
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Cleanse your skin often
  • Do not share or use a dirty towel
  • Use Aloe Vera gel every night on the places of your skin where you find unusualness and wash them the next morning. Aloe Vera treats 95% of skin problems
  • Use a herbal soap to take a bath and wash your face
  • Do not share your makeup brushes with your family or friends

Skincare routine in your 20’s

Starting with your university is a lot of excitement but you might also face a lot of exam pressure, assignments and deadlines. That will cause you stress and empty nights with restless sleeping routines. Restlessness and a lot of stress is also a cause for pimples, under-eye bags, and dull skin tone. With all the busy routine you can still stay fresh with skin glow.

  • Never skin the Vitamin D from the early sunrise
  • Manage your time and take an 8-hour nap every 24 hours. Early to bed and early to rise will help you manage your stuff in a better way.
  • Make your timetable so you get proper time for your studies, food and sleep to keep your skin healthy
  • Follow healthy eating habits with fruits, vegetables and homemade food. Also, add milk and eggs to your diet
  • Drink water when you get up and take cold baths in the morning. This is a million-dollar tip you will never know
  • Avoid screen time at night to reduce under-eye bags
  • Do exercise and often meditate

Skincare routine in your 30’s

During your 30’s, you will see your hormone level is decreasing. Your cell repairing process slows down and skin doesn’t look like what it used to be. Using anti-ageing products in your 30’s can be a good idea but it is better to stay on natural treatments. Such as plants extracting oils and exercise.

  • Meditation and yoga. These are the best activities one can do to get the most glow and freshness on the skin. Your skin will stay fresh forever for the next 30 years, spotless and wrinkle-free.
  • Detox water removes toxins from inside the body and shows the effects on your skin. Improves your complexion and increases energy levels.
  • Apply face and hair masks. It will repair the damaged cells on your face and hair and grow a protective layer.
  • Scrub your body to remove the dead cells from the skin surface, draw out the impurities, free the ingrown hairs and smooth your strawberry legs.
  • Do light cleaning after putting off your makeup and every time before going to bed. Your cell repairing process starts at night time when you sleep. It is better to give the process a good time to do well.
  • Use a good moisturizer and add daily use of Aloe Vera gel in your routine to treat uneven skin tone and acne scars.

Skincare routine in your 40’s

Dermatologists suggest taking care of your skin as much as you can before you get over your 40’s. During this period, you are losing the vibes at a young age. And after this period you won’t be energized enough to take care of your things so well. It is the time you treat yourself best.

  • Vitamin C is one of the best ingredients to start using in your 20’ 30’s and 40’s. It helps prevent dark spots, and terrifically glow your skin like no other item.
  • Exfoliate two or three times a week to remove the impurities and get rid of dead skin.
  • Apply a hair mask at least once a week that puts on a protective layer to help your scalp and hair and provides protection from the environment.
  • Spend a good time outside in the morning. To get enough vitamin D. It will be incorporated into your anti-ageing process. Keep your skin glowy, youthful and safe.
  • Take a full-body to examine once a year by a dermatologist to protect against skin cancer especially if melanoma runs through your genes.
  • Ginger tea removes toxins from inside the body to keep the glow and freshness on the skin
  • Wash your face every time you are leaving the house and after coming back home

Skincare routine in your 50’s

Light skincare tips to be followed. You can do the exercises or spend much time doing this and that because you might get tired very soon. Let’s talk about the tips that are easy to follow, repair your skin cells, provide a healthy routine and add value to your lifestyle. Besides good skincare, health is wealth.

  • Morning sunscreen is vital. Find a partner and go to the nearest park to do a little walk and get Vitamin D. This will energize your body and give a fresh look to your skin. You can even enjoy your own company at the park if you don’t find a partner.
  • A healthy breakfast, to not look dull and lazy. This will boost up your mind and make you look healthy.
  • Add milk, eggs and proteins to your diet. When your health is happy then your skin will be happy.
  • Use heavy eye creams and cleansers to remove the bacteria and impurities from the skin pores.
  • You are still not too old, exercise and jog can still be your favourite routine.
  • Add cholesterol to your night cream. Now your skin is getting tired and old. You need a heavy moisturizer to stay tuned for a fresh look.
  • Drink lots of water and empty your bladders before going to bed.

Skincare routine in your 60’s

The skin cells are becoming weak. They need a proper yet tough routine to get close to the youthful look. Hence that’s impossible but you can get fresh, spotless and wrinkle-free skin that most of the people your age are experiencing.

  • Start your skincare with exfoliation. It will turnover your dead skin cells and will significantly remove the skin that has piled up on your body. The fresh skin is still beneath it.
  • Drink a lot of Luke warm water to stay hydrated. Chilled and very hot water can harm your body organs.
  • Icing will tighten your skin and bring back the long lost glow.
  • In your 60’s you will notice the unwanted mole start appearing on your body. Rub a slice of garlic onto it every night and see the results in a week.
  • Wrinkles and hair loss are two big problems of the skin at this age. Apply tightening packs once a week and do icing twice a day for the wrinkled skin (avoid the face packs under your eyes). Do oiling twice a week and wash your hair with warm water. Very hot water on the scalp will weaken the hair roots.
  • Overnight face masks can do a lot of wonders. Repair skin cells, treat wrinkles and remove the spots. It will bring about the fresh look that makes you 10 years younger than your age.

Skincare routine in your 70’s

You need to be more careful while using skin care products like no before. The extreme restful products can irritate while some products carry highly reactive ingredients that can cause redness and even cancer to your skin. Make sure you consult a dermatologist before using any new product or look into the ingredients used in the product carefully.

  • Follow the simple skincare routine for soft and moist skin. Gently cleanse and moisturize your skin with warm skin.
  • Add vitamin C and Vitamin E to your skin oils for the instant glow, promoting firmer and fine skin with a wrinkle-free glance.
  • Avoid exfoliation. Your body does not need exfoliation very often. Skin cells are becoming weak, and too much exfoliation can damage the new building cells. Take it easy and wash your body every day.
  • Keep your skin hydrated. Drink a lot of water and fresh juices to repair your inner body cells to freshen up your outside glow.
  • Regularly check on skin with the dermatologist. A bump or any unusualness on the skin is unaffordable at this age.
  • Wear gloves while cooking, washing or gardening. Keep yourself safe from bugs and bacteria.
  • Minimize sun exposure. Too much UV light can burn your skin. Form red patches, and make your skin look uneven.

Skincare routine in your 80’s

Age doesn’t matter when you still want to feel young. The ’80s is where we meet a lot of skin problems. Scalp dryness, hair fall, weak nails, shedding skin, wrinkles, and black spots. All this can be treated and you will get a youthful glow just by treating yourself well.

  • Stay happy in a happy good environment. Staying in a good environment has a lot to do with your fresh skin and body wellness.
  • Take short walks. Moving your body is very important but don’t push it too hard. Moving will prevent your muscles from freezing and you will be able to fight the illness and body pains.
  • Pains can bring you paleness and dullness, drink fresh juices every day and take good care of your diet. Avoid eating too many oily foods. Better if you stay on fruits, vegetables, fish, milk and eggs.
  • Choose a hobby and continue with it. Doing your favorite job will make you happy and you will still feel young.
  • Always use natural products in and out of your body. You must not surround yourself with artificial things. As your body is not supposed to absorb fake things at all.
  • Reading, writing, singing and dancing are the best therapies that will help you maintain the freshness of your skin.

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